Kriegler and Waki Reports on Elections v. List of Acronyms. AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AP. Administration Police. CIPEV. Commission. 16 Oct Final report from Kenya’s Commission of Inquiry into Post-Telection Violence (” the Waki commission”), dated 15 Oct and running to 20 Oct Waki Report – Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) Executive Summary The mandate of the Commission of Inquiry into.

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One carried petrol, one was and elder, one was the leader and carried a gun, one was a teacher and there were others.

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Justice Waki described exactly waki commission report kind of tough steps that are needed if a Kenyan repogt is to properly do its job and deliver justice: I do not know who burnt my house and why. Punishment is personal and can be imposed only on the offender.

July 27, News Release. In general, the police were overwhelmed by the massive numbers of the attackers and the relatively effective coordination of the attacks. Also, unlike previous cycles eeport election related violence, much of it followed, rather than preceded elections. If you do this and are a high-risk source you waki commission report make sure there are no traces of the clean-up, since such traces waki commission report may draw suspicion.

Waki Report – Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) | Rescue Kenya

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To break the cycle of impunity which is at the heart of the waki commission report violence, the report recommends the creation of a special tribunal with the mandate to prosecute crimes committed as a result of post-election violence. Reuters An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that waki commission report not easily tied to you.

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At about 10 p. The Special Tribunal shall apply Waki commission report law and also the International Crimes Bill, once this is enacted, and shall have Kenyan and international judges, as well as Kenyan and international staff to be appointed as provided hereunder. Attackers organized along ethnic lines, assembled considerable logistical means and traveled long distances to burn houses, maim, kill and sexually assault their occupants because these were of particular ethnic groups and political persuasion.

In some ways the post-election violence resembled the ethnic clashes of the s and was but an episode in a trend of institutionalization of violence waki commission report Kenya over the years. The Report comprises 5 Parts.

Waki Commission

Having lived in the area sincethe local community used to invite me to their get-togethers. Waki Commission Kriegler Commission. You wakk commenting using your WordPress. I came to three hours thereafter. However, in most parts of the country affected by the violence, failure on the part of the Kenya Police and waki commission report Commisaion Administration to act on intelligence and other early warning signs contributed to the escalation of the violence.

Justice Waki is a judge of Kenya’s Waik of Appeal; his recommendations are based on his knowledge of the Kenyan constitution and legal system. This page was last waki commission report on 1 Novemberat It affected all but 2 provinces and was felt waki commission report both urban waki commission report rural parts of the country.

What links here Related changes Reprt pages Printable version Permanent link. On the 28th of April,the bodies of my family were exhumed and we gave them a decent burial. At about 5 p. I wanted to get some vegetables for the family, and my husband had accompanied me there.

Kenya: Waki Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence final report, 15 Oct – WikiLeaks

My son and I walked home on foot. The Special Prosecutor shall be requested to analyze the seriousness of the information received with a view to proceeding with an investigation and prosecuting such waki commission report persons. The ouster of the Jurisdiction of ordinary courts from the in relation to the proceedings of the Special Tribunal. This free-for-all was made possible by the lawlessness stemming from an apparent collapse of state institutions and security forces.


Personal tools Log in. However, Kenyans must be vigilant in monitoring what their politicians say. Views Page discuss View source. Main Page Country index Follow us. Often individual members of the state security agencies were also guilty of acts of violence and gross violations of the human rights of the citizens. Have the legislative power to make recommendations for change to policing policy, practices and procedures. He assured me that the elders would not allow the violence to take place and I was consoled.

My sons asked me to get back into the house, and my wife and I retreated to the bedroom where I continued pleading waki commission report the attackers through the waki commission report.

The report recommends concrete measures to improve performance and accountability of state security agencies and coordination within the state security mechanism, including strengthening joint operational preparedness arrangements; developing waki commission report operational review waki commission report commissipn the two police agencies; and establishing an Independent Police Complaints Authority.

Investigate and make recommendations relating to any other areas of policing and law enforcement that are, in the opinion of the Police Reform Group PRGrelevant to the improvement of policing services in Kenya.