21 Feb The Vivekachudamani is a collection of poetical couplets authored by Shankara This edition contains the original Sanskrit text, the roman. VIVEKACHUDAMANI. (The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination). of. SRI SANKARA BHAGAVATPADA. A Summary. (Based on the Commentary of. Pujya Sri. Vivekachudamani. The four preliminary requisites. (Saadhanachatushtayam). In order that hearing, reflection and meditation may be fruitful, the aspirant should.

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As a treasure hidden underground requires for its extraction competent instruction, excavation, the removal of stones vivekachudamani sanskrit such other things lying above it and finally grasping, but never comes out by being merely called out by name, so the transparent Truth of the Self, which is hidden by Maya and its effects, is to be attained through the instructions of a knower of Brahman, followed by reflexion, meditation and so forth, but not through perverted vivekachudamani sanskrit.

Yama — Non-killing, truthfulness etc. Thou art clever indeed in vivekachudamani sanskrit. Vivekachudamani is a prakarana grantha. The question that you vivekachudamani sanskrit asked to-day is excellent, approved by those versed in the Shastras, aphoristic, preg- nant with meaning and fit to be known by the seekers after Liberation.


Transcending all the diversities created by Maya or Nescience, eternal, ever beyond the reach of pain, viveachudamani, un- conditioned, formless, undifferentiated, nameless, immutable, self-luminous. In many places in the Karma kanda there are clear indications that the ultimate goal of life is liberation.

The repetition is for emphasising the Absolute, Vivekachudamani sanskrit aspect of Brahman. The diversified dream universe appears and passes away in the vive,achudamani itself.

Similarly giving up the ideas that thon art the agent and so forth, which are attributes of the subtle body, be thou the Essence of Bliss Abso- lute. Relinquishing vivekachudamanj observance of social formalities, vivekachudamani sanskrit up all ideas of trimming up vivekachudamani sanskrit body, and avoiding too much engrossment with the Scriptures, do away with the superimposition that vivekachudamani sanskrit come upon thyself.

To the sage the world appears no doubt, but he knows it to be unreal and is not lured vivekachudamani sanskrit it. The idea vivekachudamani sanskrit — one must undergo the necessary practice. If there is, that man has not realised his identity with Brahman, but is one whose senses are outgoing in their tendency.


Mumukshuta or yearning for freedom is the desire to free oneself, by realising one’s true nature, from all bondages from that of egoism to that of the body,— bondages super- imposed by Ignorance.

It is Ignorance or Avidya ihat has covered Jts vision, so to say and Vivekachudamani sanskrit appears as limited and subject to change. Now I am going to tell you fully about what vivekachudamani sanskrit ought to know — the dis- crimination between the Self and non-Self. Realising the Atman which is un- attached and indifferent like the sky, the aspirant is never touched in the least by actions yet to be done.

Knowing for certain that the Vivekachudamani sanskrit rabdha work will maintain this body, remain quiet and do away with thy superimposition carefully and with forti- tude.

When this is worked out, the body falls, and Videhamukti vivekachudamani sanskrit the result. Others maintain that the inquiry into the truth of one’s own Self is Devotion. Augmented by these two, desires produce one’s transmigration. The body which is subject to another’s rule cannot be the Self which is the Ruler of vivekachudamani sanskrit.

Niyama — Purity, contentment etc.

Vivekachudamani – Arsha Bodha Center

Once having realised the Brahman one no longer returns to the realm of transmigration. J is root — Ignorance. Vivekachudamani sanskrit lot — the aggregate of bad deeds done in one’s past incarnations, which bring on the evils of the present life.

He who identifies himself with the objective universe vivekachudamani sanskrit has been, denied by the Vedas, Smritis and hundreds of inferences, experiences misery after misery, like a thief, for he does something for- vivekachudamani sanskrit.

Prescribed methods — Secondary or indirect such as, saoilices etc. To know that this is a jar, what condition, forsooth, is necessary except that the means of knowledge vivekachudamani sanskrit free vivekachudamani sanskrit defect, which alone ensures a cognition of the object? Avidya or Nescience and its effects are likewise considered as beginning- less. The man of realisation never identifies himself with the body, not even during his return to the normal plane after Samadhi.

The mind of the Guru is always fixed on Brahman. By whom everything from Egoism down to the body, the sense-objects and pleasure etc.

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When the external world is shut out, the mind is cheerful; cheerfulness of the mind brings on the vision of the Paramatman. Vivekachudamani sanskrit the Nirvikalpa Samadhi the Truth of Brahman is clearly and definitely realised, but not otherwise, for then the mind, being unstable vivekachudamani sanskrit nature, is apt to be mixed up with other perceptions.

The word ‘ Pramana ‘ can be translated also as ‘proofs ‘ or ‘authority. He is therefore an Apta, and as such his words are authority. Therefore give np thy identifica- tions with this lump of flesh — the gross body, as well as with the Ego or vivekachudamani sanskrit subtle body, which are both sanskriy by the Buddhi.

What is Bondage, vivekachudamani sanskrit Through the realisation that I am sanskrt Brahman, all the accumulated actions of a hundred crore of cycles come to nought, like the actions of the dream- state on awakening.

It is primarily a pedagogical treatise, as an aid to an Advaitin’s spiritual journey to liberation rather than “philosophy for the sake of philosophy”. Compare Sri Ramakrishna’s story vivekachudamnai a ship- that came near a magnetie Fock and had all its bolts’ drawn out, so that it vivekachudamani sanskrit rediKed to its priatine- condition.

The text begins with salutations to Govindawhich can be interpreted either as referring to God or to vivekachuudamani guru Sri Govinda Bhagavatpada.

It is a beginning- less vivekachudamani sanskrit on the soul brought on by its own ignorance. The wise one realises in his heart, through Sansirit, the Infinite Brahman which is something of the nature of vivekachudamani sanskrit Knowledge and absolute Bliss, which has no exemplar, which transcends all limitations, is ever free and without activity, — which is like the limitless sky, vivekachudamani sanskrit and absolute.

When all the five Sheaths have been eliminated by the reasoning upon Sruti passages, what remains as the culmi- nating point of the process, is the Witness, the Knowledge Absolute, — the Atman. Many historic manuscripts of Vivekacudmani have been found in different monasteries of Advaita Vedanta.