– Buy Vidura Neeti book online at best prices in india on Read Vidura Neeti book reviews & author details and more at Arjunsinh K. Parmar. 7 The Greatness of Vidura Neeti in the Mahabharata — R. Sampath There is a famous saying. “If one wants to know how to lead a good life, . Vidura is one of the central characters in the Mahabharata, a major Hindu epic. He is described Vidura-niti, or Vidura’s Statecraft, narrated in the form of a dialogue between Vidura and King Dritrashtra, is considered the precursor in some.

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Vidura Neeti ivdura a great guidance. Never set thyself against the decisions to which a person has arrived who keeps low company and who is in the habit of consulting all he meets. If vidura neethi in is to be said, it is better to say what is agreeable; and if what is agreeable is to be said, then it is better to say what is consistent with neethj.

O chief of the Asuras, I shall ask you a question, do not answer it untruly! You may search there and locate the books vidura neethi in your choice.

O sire, crowned vidurz prosperity and leading the life of a householder, let these four dwell with vidura neethi in, viz. He should be fair and accessible to his people. Sudhanawan will come here on the morrow, and let me see both of you sitting together.

A creeper never grows unless there is large tree to twine round. These eight, O Bharata, are the very cream of happiness, and these only are attainable here, viz.

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These six should be renounced like a splitting vessel in the sea, viz. The reason Krishna stayed in Vidura’s chambers for the night instead of Duryodhana’s is vidura neethi in to the thoughts which were running through their heads and the difference between them. Therefore, a man, rigidly resolved, should abstain from sin. Alone he should not appropriate everything.

Drinking, quarrels, enmity with large numbers of men, all connections with connubial disputes, and severance of relationship between husband and wife, internal nsethi, disloyalty to the king, – these and all paths that are sinful, it is said, be avoided. A king should cherish a counsellor that worships persons of wisdom, is vudura with learning, virtue, agreeable appearance, friends, sweet speech, and a good heart. Students, again, engaged in the pursuit of learning, cannot have pleasure.


Arghya is vidura neethi in respectful offering to the deity in Hindu vidura neethi in worship, or puja, consisting of water, flower, Bel leaf, sandal paste, Durva grass, rice. These Four Learned men have declared that a king, although neetji, should never consult vidura neethi in these four, viz. Man is not the disposer of either his prosperity vidjra adversity. Giving them back their just share of the kingdom, O sire, filled with joy, be thou happy with thy sons.

That is not morality which is separated from truth, and that is not truth, which is fraught cidura deceit.

Alone one should not vidura neethi in of any savoury viand, nor alone reflect on concerns of profit, nor vidura neethi in go upon a journey, nor alone remain awake among sleeping companions. The king whose counsels are kept close, without doubt, commands success. He who speaks boldly, can converse on various subjects, knows the science of argumentation, possesses genius, and can interpret the meaning of what is writ in books, is reckoned as wise.

The scum of the Vedas is want of study ; of Brahmanas, absence of vows; of the earth, the Vahlikas; vidura neethi in man, untruth; of the chaste woman, curiosity; of women, exile ib home. He, however, that is naturally agreeable, always remains so.

O maser, show kindness unto all thy sons, for by that winning great fame in this world, thou wilt have heaven hereafter.

Vidura Niti Snaskrit Text With English Translation

We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you vidura neethi in this valuable book. The rains, decay of hills and mountains 2.

That man is regarded as the first of his species who wishes for the prosperity vivura all and never sets his heart on the misery of others, who is truthful in speech, humble in behaviour, and has all his vidura neethi in under control. One should never speak of what one intends to do.

One should protect his wealth in view of the calamities that may overtake him; by his wealth one should protect his wives, and by both his wealth and wives one should protect his own self.


Vidura Neeti – విదుర నీతి

Vidura vidura neethi in received him with the rites prescribed by ordinance. Fear is dispelled by self-knowledge; by asceticism one nedthi what is great and valuable; by waiting upon superiors learning is acquired; and peace is gained by self-restraint.

Their excessive indulgence vidura neethi in would ruin the very gods. Sacrifice, study, charity, asceticism, truth, forgiveness, mercy, and contentment constitute the eight different paths of righteousness. Beholding that chief of the Daityas, Kesini addressed him, saying: Abstain from companionship with those that are vile and low.

Theses eight qualities shed a lustre upon their possessor. Happiness and misery, plenty and want, gain and loss, life and death, are shared by all in due order. Know that these are the roots of prosperity. Ask a Question Do you have a spiritual question on Hinduism? Vidura seeks to prevent war by urging evil king Dhritarashtra to reconsider his behavior and actions against the Pandava cousins. Tell me, O Vidura, how with this body of mine I can meet with that ancient and immortal one Sanat-sujata?

Mother also of Sudhanwan is superior to your mother; therefore, Sudhanwan has vidura neethi in you Virochana. Since, O Prahlad, you have preferred virtue and have not from temptation, said vidura neethi in untruth, I grant your son his vidura neethi in that is dear to you.

Thy hundred sons and Karna and the sons of Pandu can together rule the vast earth with the viduar of the seas. Although virtuous and versed in morality, vidura neethi in hast yet no right to share in the kingdom owing to thy loss of sight. Success in the attainment of objects forsakes the person whose heart is unsteady, or who has no control over his mind, or who is a slave of his senses, like swans forsaking a water tank un waters have dried up.