Bhartrihari’s Vairagya: introduction to Sanskrit translation. Verses by the poet-ascetic Bhartrihari, which point out the evanescent nature of worldly happiness and the joy of the spiritual path. Devanagari text, English. Vairagya-Satakam: The Hundred Verses on Renunciation of Bhartrihari. 2. Om Namah Sivanandaya. Preface. Startling it is somehow to grasp how the life.

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Vairagya Satakam (100 verses of Great Renunciation)

Now, the poet condemns the fever of arrogance affecting the small time rulers whom mendicants approach for filling their bellies vairagya satakam in save themselves. Desires got digested on their own in the mind. Thus, jn is the happiness for Creatures? Having been captured and enamored by this World, we lose all our shame and sense of modesty. When vairagya satakam in see a currency note iin a bond, we imagine their value based on faith and trust on the value contained in and transferred through them.

The best option available for a wise person vairafya to do penance. The poet compares the belly to a large barrel. Abandon the present fickle vairagya satakam in.

The pleasures living in mansions, vairagya satakam in to melodies, uniting with the beloved are are also unstable. They can only entitle a person to live in a cottage in heaven. He fixed grass as their food.


Breezes are the scents. The poet laments our own misfortune of ceaselessly contemplating on the mansions of desires built in our minds.

Mind is after the sensual pleasures. Can stand up only with crutches. Yet we are vairagya satakam in to abstain from them. Even if they give, it will be too little. He advises the Seeker not to indulge in lower pleasures. What news can be there about this body whose existence is as brief as the evermoving tip of an ear lobe of an elephant? Thus when desire and greed cannot vairagya satakam in satisfied even by a mountain of gold, begging for money is despicable.

If a female fish vairagya satakam in and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous. If you ignore us, we living alone without any cognition of what happens outside, cannot develop any affinity and attraction towards you. His preference for Siva seems to be for the reason of both being ascetics.

Vairagya Satakam ( verses of Great Renunciation)

Vairqgya Fulfil desire and lust as a householder. Desire and greed are not exhausted. Youthful pleasures vanish with afflux of vairagya satakam in. Face is a storehouse of phlegm. The poet compares him to a lamp enkindled by the flame of vairagya satakam in which resides in the heart of the ascetics; Moon adorning the head of S’iva radiates like an ornament.


The poet enumerates the sequence in human life: Lust alone is young! Days recur after nights. Yet he says ‘Pl. How kings conjugate with women: Then he may take up the role of an old person. He did not perform the ritualistic worships and sacrifices Dharma which help in getting the gates of Heaven opened.

We want to carry along the journey of our life, stitching palaasa plant leaf plates as and when hungry and begging for sacred alms. The poet is deterministic. Vishnu being the husband of vairagya satakam in Goddess of Wealth, is a God of riches. That group of proud princes! Life is of limited vairagya satakam in. We are vairagya satakam in entertainers of obscene tongue.