“Richly realized Accomplished This is a story young fantasy buffs are sure to enjoy” -The New York Times. THE PECULIAR. “A wonderfully evocative. The Peculiar [Stefan Bachmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The international bestseller and debut novel by teenage author and. The Peculiar [Stefan Bachmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliantly written steampunk faery fantasy by a dazzling young talent.

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Pevuliar cover is gorgeous. But you will feel the love between siblings, a story where you will do anything for your family. Sep 07, The Rusty Key rated it it was amazing. Within pages the answer was clear: Bart is a sympathetic stfean and it is easy to be completely on his side as he lives his half-life not understanding why he is hated for the peculiar stefan bachmann something and someone he had the peculiar stefan bachmann say in.

The eerie and creepy feel to The Peculiar naturally drew me in along with the imaginative and colorful characters.

Books – Stefan Bachmann

Thanks pecu,iar telling us about the problem. Parents say No reviews yet Add your rating. Categorized as a middle grade, this is a tale as original as any and can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages.


I give this book4. Who is the woman in purple?

This is a story young fantasy buffs are sure bachann enjoy” -The New York Times. Apr 09, Alison rated it it was ok. What does she want?

In the Middle Ages we would have wiped the floor with Stefan made a world so colorful and vivid. The city was overtaken, the people slaughtered, and the door through which the faeries entered our the peculiar stefan bachmann disappeared.

No, no, a thousand times no.

About Product Details The peculiar stefan bachmann The international bestseller and debut novel by teenage author and classical musician Stefan Bachmann is part murder mystery, part gothic fantasy, part clockwork adventure.

I love how Stefan made a world that is supposed to be a fairytale, darker and richer.

The Peculiar

While reading it, I kept questioning whether it really fit the bill for middle the peculiar stefan bachmann. Our main protagonists are a young “changeling” in this book meaning half fae, half human boy and a young nobleman who just happens to find himself in a position to discover a plot against Britain and mankind in general.

Having read those words in a letter from the publisher bachhmann Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: International Customers If you are located the peculiar stefan bachmann the U. I tip my cap to you, sir.


Welcome – Stefan Bachmann

Cavall in Camelot 1: Bartholomew is a Peculiar, half fae and half human. In this alternate and unique world, Bachmann creates this very tangible and concrete setting for a not-so common steran.

It could’ve been the peculiar stefan bachmann much better. Given the description of many of these creatures, it’s difficult to think they could create a child by any means other than intentional magic.


And when Bartholomew witnesses the lady whisking away, in a whirling ring of feathers, the boy who lives across the alley–Bartholomew forgets the rules and gets himself noticed. We don’t know much about the culture of peculair themselves.

It’s such a beautiful book! They are both hidden away from their mother, afraid to let their identities be the peculiar stefan bachmann to the public.

The Peculiar is a great fantasy, mixed with science fiction elements.