[Encyclopedia Texarcana pdf]( Encyclopedia-Texarkana) I think this post was submitted on 21 Jul It has been rumored for years (I have been hearing about it since ). I have the Encyclopedia Texarkana printed out somewhere. Interesting. Geoff “SliceFixer” Jones, Texarkana, Arkansas. likes. Please email Slicefixer @ for information and lessons scheduling. Encyclopaedia Texarkana is amazing. 2Like · Comment · Share. View all 2 . December 25, ·.

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I’m really trying to commit to working on the encyclopedia for all of Got a photo you took on your phone of a swing with a mad crazy shaft flex?

Have you read Slicefixer’s “Encyclopedia Texarkana”? – Hogan’s Heroes Swing Forum – GolfWRX

EquipBoard check out what’s in the pro’s bags. The biggest change has been the reverse K setup. Yeah the longer clubs are tougher. Not sure if it showed when we were out the other day but usually my swing very close to what slicefixer prescribes. In the end, his opinion is all that matters. Like other have also stated. Check out these tips on the best camera angles for videoing your swing first!

Posted 13 July – You are not Logged in. There’s no over analyzing, it’s a bad, inconsistent, unpowerful swing and needs fixing. Feel like the club never turns over but the body turning squares it up with being connected a very very nice post my friend.


I 202 to do a lot of work to find all the proper info, but the internet is vast and it’s there, just takes time??? Easiest way to get it right: Anyways, the book starts out with a short story about himself, and something he was taught in college that ultimately totally screwed up his swing: I’ve read it both long and short version and I texzrkana worked on my own version for a while.

I hope they are still working hard on texarkaan book, from what I have seen and heard, it will be one of the best ever written for both students and teachers. Flightscope had me at mph swing speed, and 1. Although I also believe it doesn’t have to work for everyone either.

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How long ago did you start learning this swing, and how do you feel you’ve progressed? This way the club stays square much longer leading to more square impact more consistently. But seriously, I found his encyclopedia texarkana to be a very good read.

I presume in slice’s website?

Advanced Ball Striking • View topic – A different drill

I looked it up on YT, and txearkana across a video of his Geoff Jones swing. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I have a feeling that the ABS wrists torquing is a big enabler in keeping this farm all into the finish.

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I also bought a chest putter, all the HP guys will mock me on the course now. I downloaded the book, and have started reading through it. Seems like the best you could do via the Internet, and his ET is eventually get in the ballpark of his swing. Are you guys still finding success with Geoff’s ideas?

Slice’s drill at ABS could perhaps be termed a drill, with 6 being the bag. Dan and Geoff are a little different just FYI. encyclopesia

Have you read Slicefixer’s “Encyclopedia Texarkana”?

Geoff was doing a lot of posting at 2 and 3 am when he had severe insomnia and some things didn’t come out always as he intended! Does anyone know what the logic behind that swing approach is?

The answer is to push on the ground with my legs to get to my front sncyclopedia which would make my butt go back and not forward. He would say it made him better, I would argue it made him technical and took the feel out of his game.

I know it takes time to get it right, but I’m ready.