In the document Comments on some recentwork by Shouryya Ray by Prof. . To conclude, Shouryya Ray has obtained analytic solutions of the problem (1). 27 May Shouryya Ray worked out how to calculate exactly the path of a projectile ” When it was explained to us that the problems had no solutions. 21 Jun Shouryya Ray, Year-Old ‘Genius,’ Didn’t Actually Solve Newton’s Ray’s solutions allegedly allowed for exact calculation of a projectile’s.

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Physics > Classical Physics

Shouryya Ray worked on how to calculate the precise path of a projectile under gravity and subject to air resistance. The second problem is the objective description of a particle-wall collision under Hertzian collision force and linear damping.

Exact solutions similar to the one presented here have been known since in a paper I posted in another thread. This silution is implicit, therefore it has little use in actual calculations as you would need to shoiryya solve it in order to use it, you might as well solve the differential equation numerically directly.

Yes, this is a duplicate. If the right-hand side is “const. German shourya awarded the young man by giving him a prize for contribution to the science and labeled him as a genius.

Shouryya Ray Archives – Thore Husfeldt

In another way, it is refreshing that somebody public thinks that mathematics is worth something. He then validated his results numerically. Solve the differential equation:. Today I found this on arxiv. It is the most reputed high school student research competition in the sciences in Germany and the winners get good stipends and networking during their university studies.

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Solution to “Newton’s Math Problem” by Shouryya Ray ~ My Frame of Reference

No doubt this was known long ago. Shouryya Ray and the press A German year old has become a worldwide phenomenon and the first person who managed to solve a mathematical problem that Sir Isaac Newton posed more than years ago. Not two years — the first version was posted in May Newton math puzzle, a year old problem, solved by an Indian boy who lives in Germany. It’s impressing because he found a way to solve the differential equation while Parker stopped at the hairy integral at the end of the “Exact Solutions” section.

No description of his work. In one way it is annoying, when the description is really out of proportion to the facts. Once we find the intial position and velocity of the particle, uniqueness theorems tell us its path is uniquely determined. I asked about this on physics.

How the Media Misunderstood Shouryya Ray’s Solution

I foresee many a duplicate. An Indian-born teenager has won a research award for solving a mathematical problem first posed by Sir Isaac Newton more than years ago that has baffled mathematicians ever since. Nepali Physicists around the Globe.


We are left to see, what kind of discoveries will Ray make in the future. All I could find was the news with variation of the title: One needn’t be a “genius” to know this much calculus at age Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Here rah the winner abstract the webpage was translated using Google translator in Chrome: Knowing some German helps. Here’s an explanation of how this differential equation encodes the motion of such a particle:.

Unfortunately shpuryya mainstream press don’t seem to have provided any details on either the problem or the solution, and I haven’t been able to track this down. Peter Mortensen 3 Category Archives for “Shouryya Ray”. It seems the achievement has been highly blown out of proportion by the media. The enthusiastic, but information-scarce articles are in German newspapers.

The underlying law was discovered by Newton 17th century. Youth Research Awards received: May 27 ’12 at Second Place in the national competition Regional winner Regional winner for the best interdisciplinary project Two problems in classical mechanics have withstood several centuries of mathematical endeavor.