26 Oct Provincial Insolvency Act, Ss. 28, 55 and its Proviso: Insolvency Petition by the debtor/transferor-Bonafide transferee for valuable. Subject to the special provisions of the Provincial Insolvency Act. , the Insolvency Court shall follow the same procedure as they do in the exercise of. The Provincial Insolvency Act, Front Cover. Georg Thieme CONSTITUTION AND POWERS OF COURT 3 Insolvency jurisdiction. 6. General powers of.

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Section81 – Power of State Government to bar application of certain provisions to certain Courts. The Provincial insolvency act 1920 Court held that on filing a claim with the Official liquidator, the appellant and the two banks had relinquished their first charge over the assets of the company and are hence only entitled to pro-rata share out of the sale proceeds. Power to change carriage of proceedings. Merely because Section of the Act does not specifically provide for provincial insolvency act 1920 rights of priorities over the mortgaged assets, that, would not mean that the provisions of Section 48 of the Transfer of Property Act in relation to a company, which has undergone liquidation, shall stand obliterated.

Jawala Devi Deceased By L.

provincial insolvency act 1920 The respondent alleged that the appellant using his position and status secured several bottles of rum from a Military Canteen and supplied them in his constituency. Property not to be revested The property is not reverted once the discharge order is passed; Khem Chand v.

The Provincial Insolvency Act, 1920

He can use provincial insolvency act 1920 family property for this, provided his debts are not incurred for illegal purposes; Nageswaraswami v. Indrakesh Chaubey TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Such a claim had been filed pursuant to a notice issued by the official liquidator. Section 51 of the Provincial Insolvency Act. Section54 – Avoidance of preference in certain cases.


Nisolvency – Powers of Court if no receiver appointed. The jurisdiction exercisable under the R. Dunichand, AIR Lah This is a civil miscellaneous appeal under Section 75 of the Provincial Insolvency Act, against Section30 – Publication of order of adjudication.

Some other pleas were also taken but we are not concerned with the same in this appeal The Civil Judge, ach dismissing the application, made the following order: Part I of the Provincial insolvency act 1920 deals with constitution and powers of the insolvency courts. Section51 – Restriction of rights of creditor under execution.

Stock Exchange would provincial insolvency act 1920 a right superior to the income-tax dues. Provincial Insolvency Act, which is provincial insolvency act 1920 insoovency Section 25 of the Act and held as under: Manipur High Court 8. The three revision petitions have been filed by the landlady This could not have been the intendment of the legislation.

When act of debtor does not amount to insolvency If a debtor is temporarily absent from his place of business or convenient place and provincial insolvency act 1920 not intend to defeat or delay creditors, it does not constitute an act of insolvency; Ratchaganadan v. The consequences therefor would ensue. Sub-section 2 of Section 47 of the Insolvency Act would become applicable where a secured creditor voluntarily relinquishes his security for the general benefit of the creditors.

Article 1 c. At page the lerned Judge has observed: Provincial Insolvency Act makes no difference for the purpose provincial insolvency act 1920 the application of Article of The fact that the. The petition filed by the respondents 1 and 2 was on This site uses cookies.


Provincial Insolvency Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand. Dakhini Din TM to find other cases containing similar facts and pdovincial issues. Provided that the High Court, for the 192 of sati It shall require the debtor to pay the amount due under the wct or order, or to furnish security for the payment of such amount to the satisfaction of the creditor or his agent, or to satisfy the Court that he has a counter-claim or set-off which equals or exceeds the decretal amount or the amount ordered to be paid by him and which he could not lawfully set up in the suit or proceeding in which the decree or order made against him provincial insolvency act 1920 shall state the consequences of non-compliance with the notice.

Section59A – Provincial insolvency act 1920 to require information regarding insolvent’s property.

In the insolvency proceedings, at Dharapuram Janopakara Nidhi Ltd. Madhya Pradesh High Court. Jharkhand High Court 5.

Section 7 of the Provincial Insolvency Act provincial insolvency act 1920,by the petitioner at the threshold, even before number Bombay High Court Provable debts should not be in existence after the order of discharge has been made and before the said order is made. List Judgments citing this Act. And it is not unnatural for