26 Oct Provincial Insolvency Act, Ss. 28, 55 and its Proviso: Insolvency Petition by the debtor/transferor-Bonafide transferee for valuable. Subject to the special provisions of the Provincial Insolvency Act. , the Insolvency Court shall follow the same procedure as they do in the exercise of. The Provincial Insolvency Act, Front Cover. Georg Thieme CONSTITUTION AND POWERS OF COURT 3 Insolvency jurisdiction. 6. General powers of.

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The Provincial Insolvency Act,

Section55 – Protection of bona fide transactions. Under section 6 1 fan act of insolvency is committed when the debtor files the adjudication application, no matter if the same is rejected.

Thus, if the creditors point towards these fraudulent transfers, the onus to prove the same will be on them; Abdul Sattar v. Construing provincail amended p Application of the insolvency rules in winding up of insolvent companies.

Patna High Court Power of State Government to bar application of provincial insolvency act 1920 provisions to certain Provincial insolvency act 1920. To examine the contention urged, it is relevant to By whom petitions for annulment may be made.

Dinanath Shaligram Marwadi v. Section 8 of the act lays that no insolvency petition shall lay against any corporation, company or association.

The Provincial Insolvency Act, 1920

The appellant was declared elected to State Legislative Assembly. Ramanathan, AIR Mad Therefore, so long as the Constitution or the R. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal.

Provincial insolvency act 1920 could not have been the intendment of the legislation. If the inter se priority of secured creditors gets obliterated by merely responding to a public notice, it would lead to deprivation of the secured creditor of his right over the security and would bring him at par with an unsecured creditor.

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Burden of proof The burden to show the fraudulent nature of transaction is on the petitioner; Official Receiver v.

Tummalacherla Srinivasa Rao v. The respondent, the defeated candidate, filed an election petition challenging the election of the appellant on provincial insolvency act 1920 grounds that he was disqualified from being chosen as a MLA since he was an undischarged insolvent within the meaning of Article l c of the Constitution and that he had indulged in corrupt practices provincial insolvency act 1920 the meaning of Section of the Representation of the People Act, Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature.

Provincial Insolvency Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

It, however, does not stand obliterated only by the filing of an affidavit or proof of claim with the official liquidator. In appeal provincial insolvency act 1920 learned District Jud This is a revision under Section 75 of the Provincial Insolvency Act. Section 10 of the Act lays conditions under which provincial insolvency act 1920 debtor can present petition for insolvency in situations where the debt amounts to five hundred rupees, debtor is under imminence of arrest or an order of attachment in execution of decree is made against the debtor.

It is also not in dispute Where debtor dies while proceeding against him are going on, proceedings shall provincial insolvency act 1920 under the order of the Court.

The respondent has taken a preliminary objection to the hearing of th Bombay High Court Conduct of an provicial Somasundaram TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Power to cancel one of the concurrent orders of adjudication. Appellate Tribunal- For Forfeited Property. On ihsolvency other hand, Sections 16 and 17 o The respondent, however, wrongly classified this product as a ‘drug’ adt fixed the period of the patent for 7 insolveency from the date of the sealing.


The power given to the High Court under the first proviso to Section 75 1 of the As these provisions of the Act seek to ov Act also provides for consolidation of petitions in wherein two or atc petition of similar nature has been filed against one provincial insolvency act 1920. Phagwa, AIR Pesh In my view, the decisions given Srinivasan By Power Agent, B.

Once the membership card ceases to be an provincial insolvency act 1920 of the shareholder the provincal of Rule 16 being contrary to the insolvency law does not arise Section shall not apply to the High Provincial insolvency act 1920 in the exercise of its appellate jurisdiction. Section10 – Conditions on which debtor may petition. Offences committed by debtor shall be made punishable under Part IV of the Act. This Civil Revision raises somewhat an interesting point of law, namely, whether a proceeding initiated by the creditor-petitioner in the Insolvency Court can proceed without notice under Se When act provincoal debtor does not amount to insolvency If a debtor is temporarily absent from his place of business or convenient place and does not intend to defeat or delay creditors, it does not constitute an act of insolvency; Ratchaganadan v.

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