Find great deals for Panasonic PT-AEU LCD Projector. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 14 Nov This year’s Panasonic entry, the PT-AE debuted at just $ MAP ( minimum advertised price), surprising most folks. That’s $ less. pull down compensation, 3LCD Technology, Cinema Color Management ( CCM), Deep Color, Dynamic Iris, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

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Panasonic PT-AE4000 Projector Review

There are a few niggles here and there, but overall I am struggling to find anything that I would describe as a ae40000 issue. Sure the dynamic range and black levels lack what is available with the best out there, but at its price and market position there is much to like with the Panasonic, which offers a strong performance with a few nice touches thrown in.

Instead I moved whatever control I was adjusting Hue, Saturation or Luminance then saved the change which applied it to the source window. Brightness YR, G and B can each be adjusted at any of nine points. Many advanced projectors have a 12 volt trigger output to ae000 a motorized screen. The black levels are an improvement over the outgoing projector without the need for the dynamic iris to be called upon. Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges.

Panasonic is manufacturing a new lamp for ae400 PT-AE Do you already have an account? For 24p signal input, three frames are calculated and interpolated for each existing frame, to enable 4x speed Hz display.

Pros Panqsonic black levels Good dynamic range Excellent lens memory function Excellent greyscale and colour performance out of the box in Colour 1 preset Reference level colour and greyscale results when professionally calibrated Good range ea4000 calibration tools including the Gamma tool East set up and well built New Red Rich lamp offers improved calibrated brightness Cons CMS system needs to be redesigned do you are not forced to use a workaround when professionally calibrating Lens Function control needs to be on the remote control, panasohic For me 4 worked nicely for viewing sports, and most high quality HD digital content such as Discovery HD programmingbut even for some of that digital content it was a bit too much.


Video Processing Moving to our now standard video processing tests for standard definition and HD material the PT-AE continued to produce the goods. And there is nothing wrong with a menu system being so comprehensive in its layout. This advanced filter system improves color purity to cover a range that extends from the HDTV standard Color 1 mode to the color gamut used in digital cinema.

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X: It is, in my opinion, the smoothest at handling CFI for movies. After a two dimensional analysis of the video signal’s frequency in each scene, the new circuit optimizes the sharpness of each image portion based on the extracted information.

This aae4000 then measured to make sure it was correct.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It’s got just about every feature you’d want in a home projector. It offers a Lens Memory feature with effectively acts as an anamorphic lens emulation. I have spoken with Panasonic about this and hopefully next year’s projectors will fix the issue. It has a motorized 2: It really is about as boring a black plastic lump of a thing as it’s possible to imagine — hardly a fitting, stylish chassis for a projector this ground-breaking.

Panasonic PT-AE LCD Projector Review | AVForums

It also has an off timer that reduces wasteful power consumption. Since home theater projectors are Picture quality is perfect. While when speaking of Se4000, the examples are often of smoothing a fast moving object, like a plane shooting across the screen.

The effect is more pronounced as panasinic ascend through the modes, to provide crisp, clear images to your liking. This uses the double refraction property of crystals to arrange pixels on a screen with no gaps between them. The new no-compromise MacBook. You may also like. As you up it from there, the image starts appearing noticeably sharper, but with it, there is an expected increase in noise and contrast in the image.


With the Lens Memory feature, you can instead purchase a 2. Intelligent Power Management System for Eco-Friendly Power Consumption Panasonic works from every angle to minimize environmental impact in the product design, production and delivery processes, and in the performance of the product itself over its life cycle.

Dynamic range is also very good with a nice depth to the image and plenty of shadow detail on show. These high-precision panels use vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules with inorganic alignment layers. The detection of super-high-frequency image scenes in sports and action movies enables more faithful reproduction of highly detailed information, such as the film grain in movies. Impressive considering that the US dollar is so weak, which helps hold prices up.

If you’re particularly demanding you’ll appreciate the Waveform Monitor. For those who really love to play with their projectors the Panasonic offers its own waveform generator, which, in conjunction with test patterns can be used to do much of the calibration. Thankfully, after many hours working on this aspect I was happy with the results I obtained and that they were accurate and had no issues.

These memories can be recalled manually or can be set aae4000 automatic switching. The Bad Some features too complex for mainstream users; picture looks rather dark when optimised for black colour reproduction; slightly soft HD images.

In both modes colour look ppanasonic and realistic with a performance that matches the mastered material. Standard definition cadences tests were passed and deinterlacing and scaling tests, such as jaggies also produced excellent results. As a result, for the same size image, using a real lens, vs. However, there is a workaround to this issue and after double checking at a recent meeting with the engineers that any changes are globally applied to source colours, I used this method: