Operation Blue Star-Book By Lt. Gen. -Books on Sikh History in Punjabi – Books on Sikh Itihas In Punjabi – Books on Sikh Historical Events In Punjabi. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. K S Brar In the s, General Brar authored a book on his version of Operation Blue Star. You need to download an app called “Scribd” from Google Play store and paste the link into your mobile browser as mentioned below. Then after reviewing 3.

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Kuldip Singh Brar – Wikipedia

Braar over Amritsar 74 6. Of the 10, only three, though also seriously wounded, managed to extricate themselves. They had no alternative but to inch their way forward using fire and try to get close enough to launch their ‘CS’ gas canisters into bok Akal Takht. Punjab turns out to be in total chaos, as Bhindranwales comrades spread violence and cause blood sheds. Simultaneously, machine gun fire opened operation blue star book k s brar from the base of the Akal Takht and the buildings on both sides, and both companies, having suffered heavy casualties, fell back to the covered verandah.

Maps have also been furnished which help one to imagine the face off and be awed by the scale of it. The effort put by the author to have explained the battle so elaborately, is commendable. May 15, Prabhpreet Singh is currently reading it.

Naga Hills – General Service Medal.

Operation Blue Star: The True Story by K.S. Brar

Qty Out Of Stock. Overall, a very engaging read for people who are interested in knowing the nitty-gritty of the operation to clear the extremists from the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. Sep 29, Kulwinder marked it as operation blue star book k s brar. Its mission was to secure the southern wing while the Guards were doing the same in the northern wing. Brar moved from company to company in the midst of the battle, motivating his soldiers to continue the fight despite the lack of sufficient weapons.

Having secured the room closest to the Clock Tower using guns and grenades, they cleared the rest. A True Story that got published in has helped many people change their minds.


Ati Vishist Seva Medal. It is these myths that need to be exploded by a truthful narration of the facts.

If nothing else it shows that the ordinary soldiers who took part in the operation were caught between a rock and a hard place and showed utmost courage in the face of adversities.

These people informed the army that the others were not being allowed to come out. Once you are through, you will learn to respect opeeation Indian Army more than ever. As many as20 soldiers were mowed down. I know that many will disagree with some of my observations and comments but then, the true test of a book of this nature is that it should evoke booi and operation blue star book k s brar, which I hope will be healthy and honest, not bitter or acrimonious.

The book is the one of the best chronicles of the sensational military operation in the annals of India. According to the author operation blue star book k s brar of the blame lies with the Akalis who manip This book is written by the army official who led the very controversial assault on the Golden Temple which resulted in a long period of turbulence in Punjab and also had a major impact on the national politics.

Operation Blue Star – English version – By Lt.Gen.K.S.Brar

And the apc, with troops belonging to 15 Kumaon inside, was moved along the parikrama. In fact, ever since the death of Maharaja Ranjit Operation blue star book k s brar, no coherent body has emerged to represent the Sikh interests for any reasonable duration. The divers who had been tasked to swim across the Sarovar atar held back, as their chances of success too were almost nil.

Called in to clean up the mess made by our politician This book gives a blow by blow account of how operation blue star unfolded with a brief book as to why such an operation was necessary in the first place.

Mar 31, Subhash Operation blue star book k s brar B rated it liked it. On the night of 5 JuneGeneral Brar’s troops stormed the temple premises. There was also much delay in reaching the parikrama because of the steel gate described earlier.

This book is one sided and story of how army operated Opeeration Star, but it does operatoon clears view of Sant Bhinderanwala and issues of common man of sikh community. After the Operaton 7.


Interesting thing is here whole operation is narrated with minute details provided with maps and photographs. The militants were asked to send the pilgrims out of the temple premises to safety, before they started fighting the army. As the reserve company got down to its task, its first platoon got on to the first floor, using aluminium ladders.

The attackers were originally scheduled to be sentenced on 19 September; however, a pre-sentencing document had not operation blue star book k s brar issued by then. This book is written by Lt Gen K. Return to Book Page.

Exclusive extracts from Lt-General K.S. Brar’s book on Operation Blue Star

He later stated z there was no damage to Harmindar Sahibexcept a couple of bullet operation blue star book k s brar that could have been the militants’ fire or odd stray fire from the soldiers. It Was at exactly 5. Apr 13, Mohit rated it liked it. Hlue, while the Madrasis were inching their way along and the SFF and commandos were repeatedly being beaten back, we had brought a tank inside the eastern gate, to direct its searchlight at the Akal Takht with three aims: The Guards were now told to bring operation blue star book k s brar fire from the part of the ground floor secured thus far in the northern wing, on the terrorist positions in the southern wing, to ease pressure on the commandos.

The meticulous and detailed planning that such an operation entails is, by itself, a stupendous exercise. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. Click here to Enlarge. To ask other readers questions about Operation Blue Starplease sign up. The same military action resulted into assassination of Indira Gandhi by her own bodyguards and had repercussions pogrom of Sikhs in Delhi, rise of Rajiv Gandhi.

Feb 17, Gautam Soman rated it liked it Shelves: