The term micromeritics was given to the science and technology of small particles by J. M. Good flow properties of granules and powders are important in the. Describe what a derived property of a powder is and identify the important derived The unit of particle size used most frequently in micromeritics is the. Many powder products are shipped and used as blends of primary ingredients. . These rheological properties can be monitored by measuring the density of.

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Instrument Applications

Undersized particles lead to blockage of flow paths through the bed, increasing the back-pressure and analysis time. These rheological properties can be andd by measuring the density of the slurry. Insulation foams limit thermal conductivity through pockets of trapped gases contained within closed pores. The performance of the metal hydride is characterized by its hydrogen storage capacity adsorption and subsequent release desorption of hydrogen.

Plastic films are produced through extrusion of plastic beads. For accurate determination of pore size of filters the size of particles are required. Very small particle size causes attraction, which in turn destabilises the suspension by coagulating. The knowledge and control of the size of particles is of importance in pharmacy and materials science. One end of the cylinder is sealed with a transparent plate.

Martin’s rjeology pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences: Also the particle size distribution influences gloss, texture, color saturation and brightness. This page was last edited on 5 Xndat Analyses performed on the extracted minerals will help determine the amount of size reduction needed once the product reaches the processing plant. Surface and porosity information helps to determine curing and bonding procedures, ensure adequate green strength, and produce a final product of desired strength, texture, appearance, and density.


The value of f is measured with a protractor.


To improve the flow properties of granules a type of powders are used, they are called glidants. Density measurements can be used to determine closed porosity from casting, sintering, and forging operations where parts are made from powdered samples. Temperature-programmed oxidation Temperature-programmed desorption Heat of desorption of oxygen Heat of dissociation of oxygen. The cylinder is rotated about its horizontal axis, until the powder surface cascades. Surface-number mean, d sn.

The necessary flow properties of solid powders in tablet and capsule manufacture depends on the particle size, size distribution and size distribution. Higher surface area brings about intimate contact of the drug with the dissolution fluids in vivo and increases the drug solubility and dissolution.

Elzone results can be used to determine shelf life, proper emulsification, and droplet size of a wide variety of emulsions including pharmaceuticals, foods, and lubricants. These catalysts are commonly characterized to determine: The diameter D of the round surface was known previously. The appearance, application, and packaging of cosmetics are influenced by the particle size distribution of base powders, such as talc, and the pigments used for coloring.

This increases the octane number and value for blending gasoline and improves the low temperature flow properties of oil.

Views Read Edit View history. Surface-length mean, d sl. Both volume and population data are useful in analyzing toners and inks. The surface area of propellants used in the manufacture of munitions directly affects the burn rate. Product Showcase – Spanish Translation. Manganese, cobalt, bismuth, iron, copper, rheoloyg silver catalysts used for the gas-phase oxidation of ammonia, methane, ethylene, and propylene are characterized using: Temperature-programmed reduction Pulse chemisorption.


Adsorption and desorption isotherms can be used to understand the performance of NiMH in batteries. Flotation devices, likewise, owe buoyancy to closed air-filled pores that prohibit water entry. Particle size alone can affect the tinting strength of a color. Good flow properties of granules and powders are important in the manufacturing of tablets and capsules.

Controlling the porosity of artificial bone allows it to imitate real bone that the body will accept and allow growth of tissue. Catalysts such as small-pore zeolites mordenite and ZSM-5 containing noble metals typically platinum are rheoolgy to convert linear paraffins to branched paraffins.

Micromeritics – Wikipedia

The particle size affects the hiding power of the paints. Population data can also be used to evaluate fermentation processes. When the number or weight of particles lying within a certain size range is plotted against the size range or mean particle size, a graph is obtained, that is called as frequency distribution curve.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Applications included soil physicsmineral physicschemical engineeringgeologyand hydrology.

Hydrodesulphurization and hydrodenitrogenation are used for removing sulfur and nitrogen respectively from petroleum feeds. Metal surface area Metal dispersion Average crystallite size.

It is an indicator of the mjcromeritics and cohesive forces in a loose powder. The volume distribution is used to ensure that the range and mean sizes are within specifications, and also that there are no over-sized particles in the micromreitics. The accuracy and reproducibility of the blend can be monitored by comparing the measured densities to the expected density based upon the target recipe of primary ingredients.