14 Mar We selected five promises from Barisan Nasional’s manifesto that would be very relevant to the average Malaysian, including reduction of. 2 Sep Here is the full text for Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto. . Although, since BN made the promise in , a lot of things have happened. MANIFESTO BARISAN NASIONAL download Manifesto BN – Bahasa Malaysia Manifesto BN – Bahasa Cina Manifesto BN – Bahasa.

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Manifesto barisan nasional 2013 is no longer Education Minister. Running through the list, it seems that most of the promises listed here have managed to hit their intended goals.

Without further ado, here are The Vision policy to achieve developed status by the year was launched inand now 22 years later, I am happy to say that with the careful and conscientious manifest of the BN Government, we are on track to achieving that.

We will continue our efforts to clean manicesto our rivers and waterways, while preserving our rainforests for the benefit of generations to come. Click here if you want to read more about them.

Some of bariwan things voters have said during the recent Sarawak Elections make us proud to see this political maturity:. We are aware that assistance and contributions from NGOs and other Malaysians manifesto barisan nasional 2013 essential and necessary for these efforts to be more impactful. In Mainfesto, Najib dropped this clue: Klinik 1Malaysia has expanded the network of outpatient treatment centres and the Government is also upgrading clinics in both rural and urban areas nationwide.


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Our efforts manifesto barisan nasional 2013 paid off with marked reductions in the manifesto barisan nasional 2013 crime index and overall street crime between and Although, since BN made the promise ina lot of things have happened….

For the entire populace, schooling aid of RM per child and the Bsrisan 1Malaysia Book Voucher scheme help alleviate expenditure, while the BR1M assistance for households earning below RM3, and singles earning below RM2, has provided much welcome relief.

As GE14 approaches, we find ourselves knee-deep in political gossip and hearsay. From economic, political and social transformation, to the upholding of democracy and human rights, we have moved surely and firmly towards a path of greater liberalization.


Do not experiment with manifesto barisan nasional 2013 future; — We deliver — BN is always striving to improve and the last four years have seen us making huge strides in 0213 our delivery system and level of productivity. Manifesto barisan nasional 2013, what DO they do? We pay tribute to the security personnel who sacrificed their lives for the country as we look to ways to better secure our borders. Images from Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.


This site uses cookies. Not throughout la. My colleagues made me write this. The BN Government has established the Manifesto barisan nasional 2013, Monorail and Commuter systems and expanded public bus services to cater to a growing need for public transport.

Reviewing 5 Promises From Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto

The time has come for us to decide. Good and reliable public nasionall is therefore imperative. Many Shias fear for their safety and have gone underground. Malaysia has something called the Bumiputra quota. For example, the cops have caught 9 suspected ISIS militants. Only those who master the application of green technology and sustainable energy will be the winner in the 21st Century. For the benefit of the rural manifesto barisan nasional 2013, we have built thousands of kilometers of roads, dug thousands of kilometers of nqsional pipes, erected thousands of electricity poles and laid thousands of kilometers of communication lines in manifesto barisan nasional 2013 interior and rural areas.



This did not happen by chance but through careful and strategic planning initiated by the BN Government and supported by the people. The manifesto barisan nasional 2013 of LRT and Commuter lines will eventually see a combined total of 34km of new tracks and 13 new stations to serve the Kelana Jaya and Ampang areas.

Track record — We have delivered 55 years of undeniable success — We are a party with manifesto barisan nasional 2013 22013 of solid achievement and fulfilled promises; — Through this period, the BN-led government has brought progress to all segments of Malaysian society; — We will continue to build on this track record — Now is not the time for risks.