View and Download Kodak EasyShare DX user manual online. zoom digital camera. EasyShare DX Digital Camera pdf manual download. New KODAK EASYSHARE DX Zoom Digital Camera The DX camera offers automatic as well as fully manual controls, permitting. User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

In addition to its still photography modes, the DX also offers a Movie recording mode for capturing moving images with sound. Answered on Jul 14, IR gets a small commission from sales of the product, but I’d highly recommend the program even if we didn’t. That is, it’s much more evident when comparing the camera’s images to those from a camera with a cooler or more neutral cast, but by themselves, the ‘s photos generally look OK. When using a card for the first time, we suggest you format it before taking pictures.

Controls what portion of the frame the camera’s AF system determines focus from. Page 55 91 22 Italy 02 Japan 03 Korea For the most up-to-date listings, visit: The normal Playback display reports the image number, and any shared settings information.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX7630 user manual

Video Length Video mode: I have tried 4. As with all Imaging Resource product tests, I encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the camera manusl. Taking pictures and videos Using digital zoom Use digital zoom in any still mode to get an additional 4X magnification beyond optical zoom.


All in all, a very slick feature that directly addresses a very common digicam usage. However, at the wide angle lens position, frame accuracy was better, showing about 90 percent of the final frame.

In addition to its normal camera-related esayshare, the DX offers a relatively unique “Favorites” feature that Kodak pioneered relatively recently. Mwnual Details Information on shooting speed, battery life, etc. Activates the second Self-Timer, or disables it. Turns Quickview on or off.

Kodak EasyShare DX7630, 6 megapixel

Depending on your computer operating system, Kodak EasyShare software may update the camera clock when you connect the camera. You can also charge the battery using an optional Kodak EasyShare printer dock or camera dock.

The camera may take black pictures for shutter stuck closedor the pictures may be very bright and overexposed, sometimes with lines, especially when taken outdoors for shutter stuck open. Running A Slide Show Third—transfer to your Computer When you transfer the tagged pictures and videos to your computer, the Kodak EasyShare software opens and categorizes your pictures and videos in the appropriate album folder.

The setting is displayed on the right side of Liveview if set to Center-zone or Selectable-zone. The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire.

French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products. When pressed, it confirms menu selections. To confirm a stuck shutter, put the camera in any mode other than “Auto”, and turn the flash OFF you don’t want to blind yourself for the next step.

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Though it is present and visible from the right side on the very similar EasyShare DX, the DX has no diopter adjustment on its viewfinder eyepiece. The next time you connect the camera to your computer running the EasyShare software, any images marked as Favorites will be download, resized to the Favorites resolution, and then re-uploaded to the camera, to a set-aside portion of its memory.

Its full-autofocus shutter lag ranged from 0. See the Start Here! Thanks and best regard! Like others in the “DX” series, the Kodak DX offers both fully automatic operation and a range of exposure options that let more experienced users exercise greater creative control.

Shutter speed is fast. Changing picture-taking settings You can change settings to get the best results from your camera: With less reflective subjects though, the DX’s flash should work well for macro shooting.

Taking pictures and videos Using burst Option Description Camera takes up to 4 pictures while the Shutter button is pressed.