Jim Arvanitis Resurrects Pankration The First Mixed Martial Art. judo. ancient greek pankration. ancient pankration. bo. grappling technique. Jim Arvanitis is world-renowned as Greek Pankration’s “Renaissance Man” and the Founder of Neo-Pankration, a cohesive blend of the remnants of the ancient. Jim Arvanitis stands out in the martial arts community as a trailblazer and an innovator, one who has dedicated his life to advancing the arts. World renowned as.

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He took up bodybuilding. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Through his unrelenting efforts as a researcher, his athletic feats, books and videos, hundreds of magazine articles, television appearances, and radio interviews, Arvanitis has truly earned the title of “Father of Modern Pankration” and is among the most prolific martial artists of our time.

In his formative years Arvanitis trained in boxing, wrestling, muay thai, karate, and kosen judo. He looked to the media to help with this objective and wrote many articles, books, and videos to spread the word.

Even this McGregor fellow who receives so much PR for the UFC needs to improve his skill-set on the ground, especially if he draws a tough grappler such as Khabib Nurmagomedov.

He taught them hand-to-hand combat in a no-holds-barred style, and also taught them how to defend themselves against knives and other weapons. The Unchain Combat Sport of Ancient GreeceArvanitis will be publishing two more books in the upcoming year and featuring in his third cover article for Black Belt magazine. Shaking the hand of Jim Arvanitis set off an earthquake in my right hand.

As an instructor, Arvanitis was very selective in his students emphasizing quality rather than quantity.

Jim also immersed himself into extensively reading about many other fighting systems of different cultures. To ensure the applicability of his style in modern altercations, Arvanitis became an experienced competitor and street-fighter.

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His father, George Arvanitis, thought introducing his eldest son to combat sports would give him more self-respect. What are your thoughts on training in other disciplines outside of martial arts to improve body movement? East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

This was vital for striking effectiveness, and very instrumental in the grappling pale and ground kato phase. American male mixed martial artists American people of Greek descent Living people.

Martial arts legend shares no-holds-barred stories

What kind of training schedule, as far intensity, activates, or exercises, do feel are most affective for modern MMA fighters the week before a competition? Inprominent martial arts journalist and weapons expert Massad Ayoob learned of Arvanitis and approached him for an interview.

He also gives seminars across the country.

While at Greek school, Arvanitis saw pictures of ancient Olympic games lining the walls, including some depicting pankration. I have always emphasized fluidity of motion in combat from the outset. In arvanitix discovered the martial arts but was unimpressed with the training methodology of the more traditional Asian arvaniits. Three years later he topped that mark on the nationally-televised Guinness Game completing 61 in 47 seconds. Arvanitis’ athleticism is reflected in his strength and endurance.

Those who trained with him have often said that he was simply at “another level. To arcanitis distinguish it he modified the pronunciation from the native Greek pahn-gra-tee-ahn to the more anglicized pan-cray-shun. Archived from the original on March 1, I like those who bring the true spirit of respect and honor into the cage as opposed to ridiculous WWE antics.

Martial arts legend shares no-holds-barred stories | East County | Your Observer

Ayoob, who had written numerous articles on high-profile martial artists, was particularly taken by his boldness in going up against the traditional way of thinking at the time. He officially set the world record for thumb push-ups with 45 in 51 seconds, then broke his own record by completing 61 in 47 seconds on The Guinness Game show three years later.


It was Arvanitis’ contention that the ancient Greeks were the first to have created a system of integrated fighting skills for use in competition.

He also somehow found time to get a degree in math from Plymouth State University.

Its training methodology, diet, and techniques were appropriate for a different time. The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia: You have endorsed both researching your opponent before a fight and remaining adaptable to change.

This site uses cookies. Throughout his training, he adopted a functional approach to martial arts by assimilating or discarding techniques based on combat effectiveness. Considered as both an innovator and a visionary, Jim was among the first who integrated skills from various systems at a time when stylized martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and kung-fu were most popular.

From the ancient pankration, he carefully analyzed ji descriptions of Arvabitis early writers, and the paintings and sculptures of its most influential artists. My later study in college of kinesiology and sports exercise gave me a better comprehension of the human body and those arvanltis groups that were applicable in combat movements.

Opposed to the more conventional stylized methods, Arvanitis’ focus was directed more toward totality in combat.

Provide feedback about this page. No one at school seemed to know much about the sport when Arvanitis asked, so he decided to research it himself. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Email required Address never made public. He initially called his art Mu Tau but later dropped it in favor of jmi, and more precisely, neo-pankration.

Almost overnight, he became a celebrity in the fighting world, and a multitude of opportunities came with the spotlight.