NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER Certification courses in Ethical Hacking have been introduced by Jetking Infotrain for students from non-technical. Jetking teaches Computer Hardware at the “Jetking Certified Hardware and Networking Professional (JCHNP)” Certificate Course in Mumbai, Lucknow, Agra, . When you join in the jetking institute they will say you about jetking and finally they told about placements in that time they will say. about provide placeme.

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We are Getting ready

As we are witnessing the fourth revolution through rapid digital transformation, at Jetking we strive to provide quality human resources But via coaching institute placements, they are assured that since you come from the particular institute, you are already trained with the desired skills.

The personality development module has really helped me crack the interview and today I am working in my dream company. Click here to know more. Register to know more. The Faculty is really supportive and give individual attention. It will be profitable to not only get hardware networking jobs but also help you put your skills to use and grow in your organization.

Anoop IT Operator Jetking has helped me grow both professionally. But it is important to take up the right hardware networking course from a renowned institute in order to get excellent jobs.

Apr 22, They will also pr If you wish to be a leader in your field, then it is important to gain the knowledge with the right set of mind and utilize it to the optimum.

Student FAQ’s

Get certified now and make the companies run behind you for offering you a job. Get your hardware networking certification now certiticate that you can become a crucial part of the industry’s transformation and prove the IT world that you are choosing not to compromise.

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The scope of jobs jwtking completing the CCNA course — April 14, When you talk about building a career in IT, the first thing that pops up in your mind is software…. Jetking has helped me to start my career. I took the admission in may month. This module trains you to become a Server and Network Support Specialist. When you goes to hear all details of courses from the recepsinit you will got attracted with their voice, because of a good comunication skill.

But they are getting some benifit in to that company. Get your hardware networking certification now so that you can become a crucial part of the industry’s transformation and prove the IT world that you are choosing not to compromise. Jetking Enjoying a leadership position in the IT and IMS training sector, we have trained more than 6,00, students who are constantly driving growth in the IT sector in India and abroad.

Get hired in MNCs via hardware networking courses |

Select your preferred Jetking center. Here Are 9 Things to Consider! A job in hardware and certiticate will stabilize your career once and for all because the demand will always be there irrespective of the market. It is a good traing institute. Jetking is the number one institute in india.

The timing of the cimoany is strict hence puctuality maintained.

They give me very good training. Jul 14, Today, every single stream is in the need of hardware networking experts and thus the demand for hardware networking administrator jobs arises.

A legacy certifjcate was established by our founder, Shri Gordhandas P. Jetking provides you various certifications under it depend on what you choose. The course curriculum in Jetking is tailored and designed according to the recommendation and feedback of the recruiters across various industries.


Jetking has helped me grow both professionally. Hardware networking is considered as one of the best career options in the field of IT. Are the courses job oriented and as per recruiter requirement?

Check out our courses today! Register to know more. Fill in your info! I would like to share my experience with this jetking. Jun 22, Our programs are designed and directly linked to the needs certficate our corporate clients ensuring our students receive the right industry training and education.

They also said about the placements that they will be placin Ya it’s a very good institute in IndiaIn fact it’s improve your professional certificwte to compare than othersAnd this institute are working for airlinesIt’s a good personality dovelopment for a normal personTo be increased your your man powerSeriously these type of institute are a Are all the Jetking faculties trained and certified?

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Jul 06, With the world going through constant digital transformation, a professional IT cerrtificate will make you a part of the revolution and change.

Worried how to prepare for your professional certification in hardware networking? So, in this way, it is easier to get hardware networking jobs in major companies.