I am displaying images in xtype:dataview as thumbnail. I am curious how to show the tapped image as a Highslide popup in a next view. Can someone guide. I’ve successfully used the iframe expander to display pdf’s. I am trying to display a PDF in a Highslide, but when I try the above method. Hey! Question for anyone. I’m trying to get images using the Highslide Gallery to layout in the display order, but it looks like it’s displaying in the.

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Sean Dempsey We’ve been looking at a way to enhance our ecommerce and photography software for some time, and were lucky enough to stumble upon Highslide JS.

And that’s not all Closing the image from a text link You may want to put a Close link or graphic inside the captionin a custom overlay or in HTML content. Well really, loading s of thumbnails on any page wouldn’t be such a good idea. The Highslide Editor is a visual tool that lets you configure most of the numerous Highslide highspide without writing code, and upload the results directly to your displsy server.

Again, I am truly appreciative and impressed by your quality of product, level of support, technical abilities, and willingness to help.

Cart Join our Community Sign In. You are doing a fantastic job, Torstein. CaptioNs and headiNgs Captions and headings are special types of custom overlaysthat by default appear below and above the image respectively.

The function takes an array object as the first parameter. Creates thumbnails automatically in your content using HighSlide to expand the image. If the user has disabled JavaScript or is using an old browser, the browser redirects directly to the image itself or to a given HTML page. Equivalently to captions and headingsthe maincontent can be pulled from the alt or title attribute of the thumbnail using hs.


We’ve tested it on several browsers across several platforms and it works perfectly so far, with no hanging around waiting for java applets to install or inconvenient cabfile installations. The images by default try to expand equally in all directions from the thumbnails, but you can also position them in the center like this case.

In the head section of the HTML page, after highsliide highslide.

Highslide JS API Reference

Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript. In this file, you define settings like this: The size is also affected by hs. See A move handle for the image. We’ve tested it on several browsers across several platforms and it works perfectly so far, with no hanging around waiting for java applets to install or inconvenient dipslay installations.

To hide the thumbnail when a full image is opened, set visibility: Use Highsldie zooming and slideshow functionality for displaying attachments. This is how it is done in some of the provided examples as well as in the code generated by the Editor.

Example of a manual installation In this example the zip archive is unzipped to the root of your website. Excellent work Torstein, thank you! Caption for the first image. I don’t have my laptop here to post some example code, but maybe start by looking at the ed spencer APOD carousel. I am displaying images in xtype: Meanwhile could you hughslide your problem exactly?

Here are a couple of demo pages that demonstrate three of the most common ways: THE best editor for js libraries I’ve ever seen and used. Very useful, customizable and rock solid. There are just dummy href’s in there – you’d be providing the usual Highslide markup, with the href pointing to the full-sized image, with a “highslide” class, with an onclick that invokes the Highslide JS script, and so on. Integration was incredibly straight forward, the documentation and examples meant that we could very quickly decide on the best way forward for our own application, and within an hour we had rewritten our own software to include the Highslide JS functionality as standard.

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Highslide JS Gallery is a unique way of modern presentation of any kind of products’ pictures. See a live example at example-image-map. By setting none at all the expander is behaving like dissplay normal div, and takes the entire viewport width if the content wants it. And the fact that the preview is updated instantaneously is simply outstanding.

Additionally, you can define your own overlays. The content opens within the active highslidd window. Each single button’s class name is. These CSS-rules are defined: Study the documentation and the API reference for advanced features. We’ve been looking at a way to enhance our ecommerce and photography software for some time, hgihslide were lucky enough to stumble upon Highslide JS.

An alternative approach to gallery ordering is taken with my addon ‘Front End List Magic’. There are three depths of grabbing AJAX content: Best practice for site settings is to create a separate file, for instance highslide.

sencha touch – How to show image as a Highslide popup in new view? – Stack Overflow

Caption for the second image. A full HTML caption as outlined in point 3 above: The properties are supplied in the third parameter of the hs. Manual installation Download and extract the zip-archive from the download page.

By setting width and not height, the expander takes the height it needs within the viewport. Using Highslide in Blogger. Run the file index. Let me know if anything is not clear. You can also set hs.