HeroQuest Hero Quest English Adventure Design Kit information and resource downloads. Quest Book, New Character Sheet and Sticker Sheet. OG ON IN Ixt Y. 1 v w & A zat X Y + L e @ 2 0 TM. HEROQUEST. | CHARACTER NAME: PLAYER NAME: | GAME SETTING I GENRE. CHARACTER. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. I made this using Mr Stumps awesome template, to get the scripting. Its the original Character Sheet.

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Equipment 14 Cards in total. Will the evil forces of doom be stopped? This Quest Book file is in booklet format. For many years the land has been at peace.

Character sheet.JPG

The Card Templates above are set up to use the proper HeroQuest Fonts, if you don’t have them installed, your cards will not look like originals. Can you survive in the World of Hero Quest and emerge a Champion? Tabletop Simulator Store Page.

Just paste an image, enter herroquest text, add the stats and save as a jpeg.

Each game is a unique adventure set in a different underground stronghold. Water Spells 3 Cards in total. Every HeroQuest icon is included in HeroScribe.


But beware the traps of the Evil Wizard, Morcar! Ball of Flame Courage Fire of Wrath.

HeroScribe HomePage: Download Page

A full colour screen, behind which the Evil Wizard player plans his moves. Green Steel Last Online 10 hrs, 2 mins ago.

Dare you take up the challenge of HeroQuest, and enter the underground realm charaacter Morcar, the Evil Wizard? All right here on this handy character sheet!

The character sheets heeroquest came with the game were printed charactre the back of the rulebook, and occupied one half of a page of A4 — the other being given up to graph paper that dungeons would be mapped out on by the players themselves. HeroScribe is written in Java and PostScript. There are two different download packages: The Dark Company Localisation by: And now it gathers strength once more, and an ancient evil stirs in the depths of the earth.

It is only visible to you. HeroQuest Fonts used on many of the various HeroQuest cards and books. Shest for doing this! As a result of that, I made up loads of my own houserules, and supporting miscellanea — like this character sheet I’m posting today. See the collection may be hidden.


Your first Quest is about to begin! Description Discussions Comments Change Notes.

Ye Olde Inn’s Community Blog on HeroQuest: Advanced Character sheet by Maike05

This item is incompatible with Tabletop Simulator. The large fold-out booklet will be your ultimate test. Photoshop users and those who can import Photoshop files can make use of shset ready-made European Style Monster Card Template.

Every adventure you complete takes you one step closer to becoming a Hero – a status that few can claim. The Elf – A member of a proud and ancient race whose fighting is matched only by his magical skills.

Fire Spells 3 Cards in total.