5 Jul HACMP interview questions. a. What characters should a hostname contain for HACMP configuration? The hostname cannot have following. 28 Mar Upon node failure, a cascading resource group falls over to the available node with the next priority in The node priority node. AIX Interview Questions and Answers . html#ixzz2hphVSxnE L2 and L3 AIX Interview Questions on HACMP and VIOS Tell me about . (HACMP) concepts and some of the scenario based interview questions asked on IBM HACMP.

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IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions

The verification process does not allow the IP addresses to be in same subnet and cluster will not start. Then, define the cluster, including naming it appropriately.

What Is Vgda, Vgsa? Set attributes of the resource groups already defined: PowerHA is designed to keep resources highly available with minimum downtime by gathering resources in ways that allow multiple IBM System p servers to access them.

This will not change. Create a shared volume group. This defines one network per Ethernet adapter. Here test1vg and test2vg are VGs which are varied-ON when the cluster questilns started and.

Then open up a virtual terminal window to the host on your HMC. Define the cluster nodes. Assign particular major number to each VGs while creating. This is a logical grouping of service IP addresses, application servers, and shared volume groups that the nodes in the cluster can manage.


The user IDs, third-party software, technology levels, and service packs need to be consistent. The number of processors, the quantity of memory, and the types jacmp Fibre Channel and Ethernet adapters should all be the same. Use arrow keys to scroll. This is an IP address that can “float” between the nodes. Typically, this is the IP through which systems administrators access a node. Verify that the server hostnames match the appropriate IP addresses; the server’s hostname should also match with the persistent IP address.

Include all the four boot ips 2 for each nodes in this ether interface already defined. So if you run this command quickly after starting the cluster, you may not see anything at all.

The Volume mounted over NFS protocol is a file system for AIX, and since disk device is required for Enhanced concurrent capable volume group for disk heartbeat the NFS file system cannot be used for configuring the disk heartbeat. Add a Communication Device. A better solution is to use the chdev command: Can create a large size filesystems.

Available state and defined state. In this example, vpath0 on GT40 is the same virtual disk as vpath3 on SL Volume Group Descriptor Area. Then, perform these steps: You will repeat this process for the other node ex. Newer Post Older Post Home. Run the bosboot command to write a new system boot image.


After the node comes up with the resources available, start the cluster on the other node. Check for fileset bos.

IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions | Storage & Backup Tutorials

As mentioned previously, disk heartbeat utilizes enhanced-concurrent volume groups. Of this resource group. The lsattr command will show you the current default gateway.

Make sure you define these addresses within the proper respective PowerHA-defined network. A device number is a major number, and a minor number specifies a particular device of that intervlew or sometimes the operation mode of that device type.

This is a default IP address a node uses when it is first activated and becomes available. Figure 1 below illustrates a simple Auestions configuration. To change to a bit kernel, enter the following commands: This configuration will be useful if there is a failure of single Oracle Database instance on ans node to be failed over to another node without disturbing other running Oracle instances.