The Gurage; A People ojthe Ensete Cultwe. WILLIAM. A. SHACK. London, New York, Nairobi: Oxford. University Press (published for the International. One of the most ubiquitous and traditional crops of the Gurage people is Ensete, The Gurage people still retain many of their unique cultural practices and. Gurage: A People of the Ensete Culture. (New York: Oxford University Press); Gebreyesus. Hailemariam (). The Guragué and Their Culture. (New York.

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Northern, Eastern and Western. One example of an culturs Gurage is one Tekke, whom Nathaniel T. Slavery, condition in which one human being was owned by another. Shack notes that the victims are overwhelmingly poor men, and that women are not as food-deprived as men are due to ritual activities that involve food redistribution and consumption.

Gurage Zone – Wikipedia

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by vurage a few points in mind. A Regional Characterization accessed 23 March Retrieved 6 November Kenney described as “an Ethiopian Horatio Alger, Jr.

Popular Posts June 04, Its western part rises in high-plateau country where elevations generally range between 5, and 11, feet 1, and 3, metres. Most parts of this Zone are heavily eroded, which required farmers to protect their enset fields with stone and soil bunds.


Gurage Zone

The Gurage live a sedentary life based on agriculture, involving a complex system of crop rotation and transplanting. Carole Counihan and Penny van Esterik. On the other hand, beginning in the early s the inhabitants started to grow eucalyptus on an increasing scale, which has increased the amount of land being covered with trees.

The Gurages are generally liked in Ethiopia. These are dega weinadega and kolla. The Gurage regard overeating as coarse and vulgar, and regard it as poor etiquette to eat all of the ensete that a host passes around to guests. National Geographic World Music. Locally-made pottery hangs around the inside wall in neat rows. It is typically expected that a Gurage will extend hospitality to their neighbors and kinfolk in dispensing ensete freely to them.

Breathing is often labored. A Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upperhand over butter is destined for death. Gurage languages are spoken as a first language by Nevertheless, the victim is subject to chronic repossession, which is treated by repeating the formula. The Fuga share a ritual language with Gurage women, which Gurage men may not learn lest they discern the mysteries of the female initiation ceremonies.

Retrieved from ” https: Dictionary of African Christian Biography. Guraginya is related to Geez and subsequently Amharic and Tigrinya.

The variations among these languages are used to group the Guraghe people into three dialectically varied subgroups: Thesis,p. Beautiful Gurage girl from Ethiopia standing on her door-way. Woredas of the Gurage Zone. Local power is vested in lineages; these descent groups display corporate rights, obligations, and influence.


Its highest point is Mount Gurage. Gurage girl from Deber Tabor village, Ethiopia. Goro Meskanena Mareko Ezhana Wolene.

Institutional Change in the Horn culturs Africa: Demeke and Ronny Meyer 14 June With the advent of urban living, however, this pattern is changing, and children often live far from their families and have a much harder time supporting them.

It is considered polite to leave at least some ensete bread even after a very small portion is passed around.

Its baked in a small pit with coals. Retrieved 2 March Kocho is made by shaping the ensete paste to a thick circle and wrapping it in a thin layer of ensete leaves.

A Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upper hand over butter is destined for death. This is not a permanent cure, however, it is believed to allow the victim to form a relationship with the spirit.