Grub4dos utilises two different methods for booting operating systems – both of which can be used via command line or configuration file entries. Both methods. Grub4dos Guide – Introduction. All bit utilities used in the guide have been tested on a Windows XP system, all DOS utilities have been tested with a Windows. Grub4dos Guide – Fundamentals. Understanding the syntax used for devices is essential – refer to previous section Device Allocation/Numbering. When booting .

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The process for booting Vista based systems is similar to booting older NT based systems and the OS files should be contained on the first hard disk or remapped disk.

Grub4dos Guide – Loading/Installing Grub4dos

Another point about the “memory mapping”: Hak5 video on menu. Grub4dos utilises two different methods for booting operating systems – both of which can be used via command line or configuration file entries.

Tutorial 71 – Grub4dos utilities Wenv, hotkey. The root device will be set as the device from which the configuration file menu.

Grub4doe grub4dos downloads GitHub source here for 0.

Posted 09 February – In memory editing of menu entries pressing the [e] key does not work. After entering the last command you will also need to run the boot command this is not needed in configuration file entries. It does not handle operator nesting. Colours must be one of the following – black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, light-gray, dark-gray, light-blue, light-green, light-cyan, light-red, light-magenta, yellow and white.


To chainload bootmgr on the first partition of the first hard disk device hd0,0. Grub4dos internal variables and Functions Lots of menu. With the newer versions of grub4dos included and used by RMPrepUSByou can use bit colour or bit or bit colour images with splashimage.

Posted 29 January – For lines which follow after a ‘title’ line, white space and graphics characters are ignored unless they follow a command word – e.

21 – GRUB4DOS GUIDE – how to make a multi-boot drive (with videos+examples) – RMPrepUSB

You currently have javascript disabled. NOTE – all of the following examples are configuration file entries, however they can easily be amended to run from the command line interface. By default the foreground colour all of the menu text and the highlight for the currently selected option will be white and the background colour grub4eos highlighted text within the currently selected option will be black. Adding an option to return to the previous menu is recommended, to avoid being “stuck” in the submenu.

Perhaps it should form the basis of the official documentation.

Different guode entries within the same configuration file can be protected with different passwords – whilst still using a password entry at the start of the configuration file forcing the user to enter a password to Press ‘p’ to gain privileged control – e.

A File Name with Spaces. Some systems give a frub4dos cursor’ when they boot from grub4dos installed to the MBR. Under Windows 7, I had some trouble with this method and could not get it to work maybe you can! You can prefix most colours with ‘blink-‘ to make them flash.

Posted 01 January – Sample background menus here. Then use 7Zip or Gzip to compress it as a.


The command line is the recommended method for testing new boot options and is essential for troubleshooting problems. During the installation of a Windows operating system a bootsector is written to the first sector of the partition on which it is installed more than one sector might be used if the partition type is NTFS.

The easiest way to demonstrate the syntax is to use a screenshot.

Grub4dos Guide – Gfxmenu

Posted 15 July – Once grldr or grub. If the CD still fails to boot and you are returned to the menu or command linethe cdrom driver will still be running.

The menu is in the form of a text file named menu. Grub4dos is used in most of gukde tutorials and is well worth getting to know it, if you are interested in making your own multi-boot drives.

Grub4dos Guide – Loading/Installing Grub4dos

Entering commands from the command line is far more flexible than using configuration file entries, and will provide detailed feedback. Jaclaz – you’re sacked. Posted 15 January – A quick note on printing the guide – make sure printing background colours and images is enabled within your browser, or text highlights for commands and files etc will not be printed.

Updated – 19th February Guide updated to version 1. To guidw the MBR of the first hard disk we would use the following command .