You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Commercial Pilot / Instrument rating application by using the IACRA. of Transportation. Federal Aviation. Administration. FAA Form , Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application. Supplemental Information and Instructions. The information collected on this form is necessary to determine applicant eligibility for Instructions for completing this form (FAA } are on the reverse.

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Houston, TX Display Name: The FSDO managers decide which office is responsible for carrying out the enforcement action.


The airman has 30 days in which to practice or obtain additional dual instruction before being reexamined again. Inspectors should use the procedures and guidance that follow when reviewing an application form. Airman Satisfactorily Completes Reexamination. The inspector conducting the reexamination should consult the letter issued to the airman for fa areas reexamined.


Since aircraft type designations are frequently changed, a current listing of the designations may be obtained through the Flight Standards Automation System FSAS.

FAA Formthe identification affidavit, superseded flight instructor certificate, and temporary airman certificate will be forwarded to AFS Discussion in ‘ Flight Following ‘ started fax JasonApr 7, When pilot certificate applicants present forms of identification that are unacceptable, inspectors and examiners should be alert for any indication of fraudulent or altered forms of identification or other irregularity that may indicate an attempt by the applicant to falsely represent his or her identity.


Spell out the color of hair.

The documents must arrive at the FSDO before the flight instructor certificate expires gaa be accepted for renewal. Graduates of Title 14 of the Code of Fodm Regulations 14 CFR part pilot schools or part training centers must provide their aeronautical experience in section III even though the graduation certificate is evidence of having completed the course of training.

Despite the explanation provided on what to put in each block, there is still confusion sometimes and applications get kicked back from the DPE, local FSDO, or Oklahoma.

Sep 5, Messages: Mar 2, Messages: If application is made by [ indicate date 60 days from date of letter ], this letter may be used to show the following portions of the practical test which have been completed satisfactorily: Inspectors and examiners shall use the standards approved by the POI for the operator when conducting flight tests. Flight Management and Crew Coordination Skills.

FAA Investigation Form 8710-1

In this case the airman would obviously not be capable of operating an aircraft. After [ indicate expiration date ], you must repeat the entire practical test. Your Social Security Number. Some applicants may not possess suitable identification as described above.

Spell out the color of eyes. After the test, the applicant shall be informed of the results and debriefed in a timely manner. Be sure the location is entered. Immediately after the oral test, the applicant will be debriefed on performance and informed of the results of the test.


The CFI wants you fax complete this??

FAA Form –1 Common Mistakes – Shawn Hardin – Medium

faaa Applicants should be encouraged to answer in the same manner. If a Notice of Disapproval of Application was issued, then this box will need to be checked.

Reexamination of an airman does not hinder the taking of punitive enforcement action when appropriate. The events that must be evaluated on each flight test are specified by regulation or determined by the Administrator.

If application is made by [ indicate date 60 days from date of letter ], this letter may be used to show the following portions of the practical which have been completed satisfactorily: Check the appropriate certificates currently held by the applicant.

There must be ample or probable cause for requesting the reexamination. The designee must have received training on evaluating an applicant to determine eligibility for removal of a limitation. Then, enter the appropriate category of training such as initial, upgrade, or transition.

Instructions for accurate completion of this form Figure are included on a tear-off sheet at the top of the form.