Exterminate All the Brutes: One Man’s Odyssey into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide [Sven Lindqvist, Joan Tate] on In a chilling and controversial book, Swedish author Sven Lindqvist recounts the grisly history of nineteenth-century European imperialism and its connection to. Exterminate All the Brutes has ratings and 98 reviews. Using Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as his point of departure, Sven Lindqvist takes us on a.

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This often meant major and devastating blows to the native peoples of these countries. By linking colonial racial attitudes British, French, German and other colonisers to broader elements of post-enlightenment thinking and arguing for a profound racism that runs through much of European thinking Lindquvist also effectively and disturbingly historicises the Nazi extermination of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and others they labelled ‘subhumans’ in a way that challenges our views of its German exceptionalism while also asserting its unique circumstances – although disturbingly since he wrote the book a number of more recent cases of genocide and genocide-like events have weakened that sense of the unique status of the Holocaust – and demands that we confront racism in all its forms.

Sven Lindqvist: a life in writing | Books | The Guardian

The same hatred of aliens. That’s what I’ve always striven for. For Lindqvist, Nolte’s mistake was to look east for Hitler’s inspiration.

I didn’t think it was a fault of mine that my car kept jumping, I thought it was the fault of construction of all cars. Lindqvist’s main thesis is similar to Aime Cesaire’s in Discourse on Colonialism – the origins of the Holocaust are rooted in the techniques of war and technology of exploitation and ‘murder from a distance’ which were developed in the colonial empires of the 19th century. I revolted against the idea that I would have to do work I didn’t want to do just in order to pay instalments on a sofa.


This, to put it mildly, is a controversial view. He left his homeland in the early 60s to spend two years in China, steeping himself in its language and calligraphy.

“Exterminate All the Brutes” | The New Press

The title’s namesake is from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, basically Lindqvist’s thread across Europe’s savage colonial history, which he argues founds a natural climax in the Holocaust.

Jun 02, Mark added it Shelves: A History of Bombing Sven Lindqvist. Please make a tax-deductible donation today! This became of habit of mind possessed by many European people.

I am alone,” he later wrote.

Culture By Gloria Steinem 16 Jul As Lindqvist puts it, “Auschwitz was the modern industrial application of a policy of extermination on which European world domination had long since rested. By filling in a very incomplete history, it helps us de-normalize and uproot hierarchies based on who we are, not what we do.

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Want more great nonfiction? Lindqvist suggests that the British should learn from Germans in reflecting on their misdeeds. I’d much rather not have a sofa and use my time to do some reading, svfn, loving and experiencing life. Lindqvist, a Swedish writer, gives us a sampling of the scientific racism and practical murder behind the millions of lives destroyed by European powers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sven Lindqvist: a life in writing

An important book to understanding our cultural heritage. Extremely chilling account of the effects of colonialism in Africa.

Formally, it is a travelogue crossing personal memoir with historical voices of explorers, historians, maverick adventurer murders, and missionaries salted with anecdotal passages about contemporary passage through African cities and towns. Dec 16, Miquixote rated it really liked it Shelves: Africa, Asia, America, Australia. Nothing left of whole cities. He steeps himself in German thinkers whose genocidal texts provided sham-intellectual justification for murdering 6 liindqvist Jews.

The apogee, for me, is his book Terra Nulliusa Australia travelogue that indicts Britons and white Australians for terrible abuses such as the transportation of Aborigine women to the chillingly named Isle of the Dead where they were given inappropriate and often fatal syphilis treatment, and the extensive forced separation of “half-blood” children from their families to prison-like camps.


Who would have thought. Is it the task of thought to make starvation uninteresting?

What Europeans do in Africa and elsewhere ultimately comes back to Europe. I think his judgment doomed the book for Australians — as though there was nothing to discuss. But after he proposed the system of hierarchy, Europeans began to identify themselves as white people.

From Lindqvist’s conclusion, a few excerpts: It’s clever and knows lindqvish. One day, aged 53, Lindqvist was sitting in a Stockholm sauna and fell to chatting with a muscle-bound skinhead who convinced him that he ought to try bodybuilding. Germans were running along the train crying for bread. Deftly weaving literary criticism, travelogue, history and memoir together, Lindqvist demonstrates how Europe extermniate been committing holocausts long before Hitler–in Africa and elsewhere.

Rausing’s home is a little outpost of Sweden: View all 4 comments. Perhaps more than any other book, Exterminate all the brutes showed me that a nonfiction book can be every bit as much a work of art as a novel.

Tell me what will happen lundqvist the majority of mankind has become technologically superfluous. Sebald and Bruce Chatwin mixed with Edward Said What are beauty and harmony when you are running for dear life between crumbling walls?

While I generally love this sort of digressive, wide ranging, almost essayistic examination of the personal as historical think W.