The 1/8 DIN unit is a controller with an extensive range of options. Either PID, ON/OFF or Motorized valve control can be configured, satisfying both. Contents. Issue Nov Applies to and controller software version PDS and INSTANT ACCURACY are trademarks of Eurotherm.” Issue Eurotherm by Schneider Electric Temperature Controller Programmer. See price below. 1/8 DIN panel size PID Temperature Controller. Specifications.

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However time and other constraints did not allow us to debug that deep enough to eurotherm 2408 it work as a full RS connection.

Communication with Eurotherm

Log in or Sign up. Message 4 of 6. Please use iTools for the following: Hi Jakob, Please upload the clone file to http: I just tried to run in Local setpoint mode with the same result.

Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Make the above changes and try Autotune eurotherm 2408 to get the best PID values for your load. Or should I buy the serial eurotherm 2408 from NI? So please make sure you have installed serial Visa as per the ET24xx driver install instructions.

I am trying eugotherm Autotune the device but it does not try to reach the eurotherm 2408 point – it just keeps ramping up at eurotherm 2408 power, as shown on the image.

Can I upload it somewhere else? Some of the NI plugin boards do have programmable bias resistors that can even be switched ekrotherm and off through a VISA attribute node if Eurofherm not mistaken. What did work is to replace the RS interface in the controller with a RS module and ehrotherm it to an RS port on the compactFieldpoint. In order to change it, place the instrument in configuration mode. I am now able to read the temperature using the. Eurotherm 2408, just wonna make sure that whether the serial port I am using is compatible.


The Labview vis uses Eurotherm 2408. Aaron, this was a long time eurotherm 2408 and haven’t used labview since.

Community-powered support for Eurotherm. Official Representatives dimitris Employee. Communication with Eurotherm Edit Subject.

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Then check in the vi if you are trying to write to the same Modbus address setpoint as in iTools. Hi Dimitri By restarting the computer and opening iTools alone I managed to get contact to the device so that is great, thanks eurotherm 2408 lot! James Steele February 11, Also, eurotherm 2408 et24xx driver maybe shouldn’t be assumed to eurotherm 2408.

Hi Jakob, Eurotherm 2408 fact that you cannot change the SP from the front panel of the instrument explains why you cannot change it over comms. If you used Labview to connect to the device using the same serial port then iTools will not detect the device.

Eurotherm 1/8 DIN Temperature/Process Controller/Programmer| Eurotherm Online

James Steele February 08, Eurotherm 2408 when your PV is greater than the Target Setpoint the controller tries to cool it eurotherm 2408 since it is eurotherm 2408 as Direct acting it turns 1A cool output ON but because this connected to a heater it heats eyrotherm.

That’s all I can remember at the moment. Dimitri, I have been struggling with something similar for days and wondering if you could lend me a hand.

OOPS, forgot to say something on how I have it wired. Thank you for your patience.

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Best Jakob How does this make you feel? Sorry eurotherm 2408 ask more questions as I am trying not to make any assumptions so we can resolve this quickly. Hi Jakob, Can you change the Setpoint on the controller using the front Panel?

Can you also please confirm when using same computer with the same USB-RS converter, the same COM-port, eurotherm 2408 same and iTools it works fine and when you Just 2480 eurotherm 2408 and run Labview no other changes you eurotherm 2408 the error? On software configuration, here is the list.

Do I need to change some settings to do the autotune properly? You have a choice to go with 1, 4 or 20 programs of 16 segments each, as it has a standard 8 segment set point programmer.

Wurotherm 5 of 6. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I could not find any settings in iTools referring to the parity and stop bit settings.

Eurotherm 2404/2408 Controller/Programmer

Eurotherm 2408 Jakob How does this make you feel? Thank you so much for your help, it has been excellent and much appreciated! Martin October 17, Instructions for that are here: I encounter a problem with my project.

Rolf Kalbermatter Averna BV. Can you send me a clone file? Most Active Eurotherm 2408 Boards: Sergio Flausino Eurofherm 09, Hi Dimitris, I need your help here regarding my f controller.

The error means the vi did not receive any response from the device, hence eurotherm 2408 Serial VISA session initialized.