Table 1 EM78PSAP, EM78PSAM and EM78PSFK Pin Description 37 EM78PS-G I-V Curve Operating at kHz max. EM78PSAP Datasheet PDF Download -, EM78PSAP data sheet. EM78PSAP datasheet, EM78PSAP datasheets and manuals electornic semiconductor part. EM78P, EM78PN, EM78PNAM, EM78PNAP .

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The WDT will keep on running even after the oscillator driver has been turned off i. Watchdog timer enable bit. If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will also remain in reset condition.

One security register to prevent intrusion of OTP memory codes? R0 Indirect Addressing Register R0 is not a physically implemented register. Bit 5 and Bit4: IOCF is the interrupt mask register.

The ROC bit can be read and written. IOCF register is both readable and writable. While entering sleep mode, WDT if enabled is cleared but keeps on running. Instruction period option bit. Upon power on, the upper 2 bits of R4 are cleared. Check Table 6 2. Set Port6 or P74 or P75 Input 2.


The specifications of the Product and datasheer applied technology will be updated or changed time by time.


It cannot be addressed. IOCB Register is both readable and writable. Depending on the device type, R2 and hardware stack are bit wide. Temperature This specification is subject to change without prior notice. Thus, the computed jump is limited to the first locations of a page.

(PDF) EM78P447SAP Datasheet download

The WDTE bit can be read and written. Bit 4 T Time-out bit. This way, the EM78PS will reset and work normally. Once in the interrupt service routine, the source of an interrupt can be determined by polling the flag bits in R3F.

The option bits cannot be accessed during normal program execution. Such instruction will need one more instruction cycle. If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will keep in reset condition.

If they cannot be kept in this range, the frequency is easily affected dataasheet noise, This specification is subject to change datasheett prior notice. A power-on condition, 2. The T and P flags of R3 can be used to determine the source of the reset wake-up. These can be pulled -high internally by software control.

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ELAN represents no warranty for the use of the specifications described, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited, to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes. One program page is words long.

Measured on DIP packages. Moreover, the frequency also changes slightly from one chip to another due to the manufacturing process variation.


In this case, the execution takes two instruction cycles. Table 6 shows the events that may affect the status of T and P. Thus, the subroutine entry address can be located emm78p447sap-g within a page.

The pulse width time constant should be kept long enough for Vdd to reached minimum operation voltage. A mA mA This specification is subject to change without prior notice. These can be pulled-high internally by software control. Previous status before reset This specification is subject to change without prior notice.