1 Jul The Ediety, or Merovingian knot, as it was popularized in the Matrix 2. Source, I figured out how to tie the ediety, then took a pic of my result.

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Retrieved 13 August Early neckties were simple, rectangular cloth strips cut on the square, with square ends. In Commonwealth countries, only people affiliated with a regiment or university, school or organisation should wear a necktie affiliated with that regiment.

After the stock was in place, the ribbons would be brought forward and tied in a large bow in front of the wearer. Tie widths slimmed to 3 inches 7. The Duke did favour a voluminous knot; however, he achieved this by having neckties specially made of thicker cloths.

Merovingian (Ediety) Knot

The four-in-hand necktie as distinct from the four-in-hand knot was fashionable in Great Britain in the s. Some businesses have extended casual-dress days to Thursday, and even Wednesday; others require neckties only on Monday to start the work week.

During the late s and s, it was not uncommon for young women in the United States to wear ties as part of a casual outfit. In Marcha year-old boy from Oxted, in Surrey, was rushed into hospital with spinal injuries after being “peanuted”. Stock ties were initially just a small piece of muslin folded into a narrow band wound a few times round the shirt collar and secured from behind with a pin. These cravats were often tied in place by cravat strings, arranged neatly and tied in a bow. Their popularity eclipsed the white cravat, except for formal and evening wear.

Their cited risks are entanglement, infection, and vasoconstriction.


This was known as the bag-wig hairstyle, and the neckwear worn with it was the stock. Retrieved October knoh, Edieth leather stock also afforded some protection to the major blood vessels of the neck from saber or bayonet attacks. InJesse Langsdorf from New York City introduced ties cut on the bias US or cross-grain UKallowing the tie to evenly fall from the knot without twisting; this also caused any woven pattern such as stripes to appear diagonally across the tie.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Originally known as the Ediety knot it is a stylish necktie knot that looks as if your tie is wearing a smaller tie than itself.

Through the s, neckties remained somewhat colorful, yet more restrained than in the previous decade. More recently, [ when?

Merovingian/Ediety Knot

The Windsor knot is named after the Duke of Windsoralthough he did not invent it. The “pre-tied”, or more commonly, the clip-on, necktie is a permanently knotted four-in-hand or bow tie affixed by a clip or hook, most often metal and sometimes hinged, to the shirt front without the aid of a band around nkot shirt collar; [ citation needed ] these ties are close relatives of banded pre-tied ties that make use of a collar band and a hook and eye to secure them.

Look up necktie in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. In this battle, the princes, while hurriedly dressing for battle, edieth dubious — discuss ] wound these cravats around their necks.

Applied sartorially, the necktie’s decorative function is so criticized. This was where a neckerchief or bandana was held in place by slipping the ends through a finger or scarf ring at the neck instead of using a knot.

Soon after, the immense skill required to tie the cravat in certain styles quickly became a mark of a man’s elegance and wealth.


Another material knog is woolusually knitted, common before World War II but not as popular nowadays. Outside of these eeiety, ties are usually worn especially when attending traditionally formal or professional events, including weddings, important religious ceremonies, funerals, job interviews, court appearances, and fine dining. Retrieved January 6, After the First World Warhand-painted ties became an accepted form of decoration in the U.

In the UK, it is a popular prank to pull someone’s tie so that it tightens.

Necktie – Wikipedia

In Commonwealth countries, necktie stripes run from the left shoulder down to the right side. Patent 2, “Pre-tied neckties and methods for ediwty the same”. This article needs additional citations for verification. The use of coloured and patterned neckties indicating the wearer’s membership in a club, military regiment, school, professional association Royal Colleges, Inns of Courts et cetera, dates only from lateth century England.

Ediegy so happened that the officers of this regiment were wearing eciety colored handkerchiefs fashioned of silk around their necks. Although it was common as everyday wear as late asover the years —69, the necktie fell out of fashion almost everywhere, except where required.

It was about this time that black stocks made their appearance. The Merovingian knot shot to fame after being sported by The Merovingian in the Matrix series of movies though it has been in existence from much before. Neckties may also denote membership of a house or a leadership role i.