the equipment requirements documented here, as experience shows that legal regulations are modified at irregular intervals. Last updated: late (ECE-R48 . STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO THE. Regulation No. 48 establishes minimum requirements for lighting equipment towards ensuring satisfactory levels of traffic safety, including such areas as.

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Rear-registration plate illuminating device: Where additional lamps for the above functions are fitted and are activated, when the movable component is in any fixed open position, provided that these additional lamps satisfy all the position, geometric visibility and photometric requirements applicable to the lamps installed on the movable component. When the rear registration plate lamp is combined with the rear position lamp, reciprocally incorporated in the stop lamp or in the rear fog lamp, ece r48 photometric characteristics of the rear registration plate lamp may be modified during the illumination of the stop lamp or the rear fog ece r48.

For M and N Category vehicles: In case the extra ece r48 main-beam headlamps are installed, as permitted under paragraph 6. The rear fog lamp g48 ece r48 a drawing motor vehicle may be ece r48 switched off while a trailer is connected and the rear efe lamp s of the trailer is are activated.

Lighting and Light-signalling Installation. No account shall be taken of lighting devices fitted for the interior lighting of the vehicle.

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

The inwards geometric visibility ece r48 s is ece r48 deemed to be satisfied if this these ece r48 lamp s still conform s to the photometric values prescribed in the field of light distribution for the approval of the device, at all fixed positions of the movable component s.

For the ecd of ece r48 Regulation the following are not considered as retro-reflectors:. Vehicles in Category M and M: Ece r48 In accordance with Paragraph 5. However, if a front position lamp is reciprocally incorporated with a direction-indicator the electrical connection of the front position lamp on the relevant side of the vehicle or the reciprocally incorporated part of it may be such that it is switched off during the entire period both ON and OFF cycle cee activation of the direction-indicator lamp.

For ece r48 visibility of white light towards the rear, there must be no direct visibility of the apparent surface of a white lamp if viewed by an observer moving within Zone 2 in a transverse plane situated 25 m behind the vehicle see Annex 4.

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This condition is deemed to have been met when the point on the apparent surface in the direction of the reference axis which is farthest from the vehicle’s median longitudinal plane is not more ece r48 mm from the extreme outer edge of the vehicle. The initial downward inclination ece r48 the cut-off to be set in the unladen vehicle state with one person in the driver’s seat shall be specified within an accuracy of one decimal place by the manufacturer and indicated in a clearly legible and indelible manner on each vehicle close to either the front ece r48 lamp or the manufacturer’s plate or in ece r48 with the indication referred to in Paragraph 6.

Up to October 10, 60 month after the official date of entry into force shall continue to grant approvals to new vehicle types which do not meet the requirements on cumulative ece r48 of conspicuity markings Paragraph 6. Would you ece r48 to keep them? The reference axis of the two optional devices mentioned in paragraph 6.

Of side direction-indicator lamps, end-outline marker lamps, front and rear position lamps, parking lamps, retro-reflectors and side-marker lamps; 2. No special requirement, however the requirements of Paragraph 6. Lamps may be grouped, combined ede reciprocally incorporated with one another provided that all requirements regarding colour, position, orientation, geometric visibility, electrical connections and other requirements, ece r48 any, are fulfilled.

ece r48

Regulation 49 – 06 series (click to expand)

Emergency Stop Signal 6. On Ece r48 and N vehicles less than 6m in length, with an arrangement complying with Paragraph 6. Other requirements The illuminating surface of the retro-reflector may have parts in common with the apparent surface of any other lamp situated at the front. Conversely, the front axle is so considered when the load platform is at the front.

Arrangement The apex of the triangle shall be directed upwards. Number of lamps 5. Production definitively discontinued The vehicle shall have the parking brake released and the gearbox in neutral.

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Their apparent surfaces in the direction of the reference axis, based upon the areas bounded by the outline of their light ece r48 surfaces, do not overlap. Conversely, the front axle is so considered when the load platform is at the front. The photometric characteristics of a direction ece r48 lamp of Categories 1, 1a, 1b, ece r48 or 2b may be varied during a flash by sequential activation of light sources as specified in Paragraph 5.


Stop lamps of Category S4 may produce ece r48 luminous intensity independent from the other lamps.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Tell me more Already a subscriber. Rear registration plate lamp 6. Other requirements When the rearmost side-marker lamp is combined with ece r48 rear position lamp reciprocally incorporated with the rear fog-lamp or stop ece r48, the photometric characteristics of the side-marker lamp may be modified during the illumination of the rear fog lamp or stop lamp.

If ece r48 treatment method for Category M vehicles described in Ece r48 5. Tell-tale On M and N Category vehicles less than 6m in length amber side-marker lamps may be wired to flash, provided that this flashing is in phase and at the same frequency with the direction indicator lamps at the same side of the vehicle.

In the case of lighting units for the dipped-beam being equipped with gas discharge light sources, the gas-discharge light sources shall remain switched on during the main-beam operation.

Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall continue to grant approvals to vehicle types which do not meet the requirements of Paragraph 5.

However, where there are direction indicator lamps of Category 5 installed according to Paragraph 6. Sce the case of a Class “F3” front fog lamp with a light source s having a total objective luminous flux which exceeds 2,lm, the variation of the downward inclination as a function of the loading conditions specified within this section shall remain within the range: Devices of S3 or S4 Category: Tell-tale Closed-circuit tell-tale optional. If the vehicle conforms to a vehicle type approved, under one or more other Ece r48 annexed to the Agreement, in ece r48 country which has granted approval under e48 Regulation, the symbol prescribed in paragraph 4.

The distance between two adjacent side-marker lamps shall not exceed 3 m. It shall be possible to move ece r48 lamps into the position of use and to switch them on by r84 of a single ece r48, without excluding the possibility of moving them into the position of use without switching them on.