Uncategories EC COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION Syllabus for ECE 5th Semester – Anna University. Posts about EC written by someone. In general, I found the syllabus of the module to be quite broad and eye opening. However, it would. View Notes – Course syllabus from EC at National University of Singapore. Course syllabus EC Foundations for Econometrics Lecturer Dr. Lingzhi.

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Meanwhile, topics covered include the biological bases of behaviours, developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and abnormal psychology mental illnesses. Second, there is very minimal information on the slides itself. However, this exam is strictly closed book, so you really need to study your textbook before the exam. Those with conflicting schedules will be offered a makeup midterm. Lastly, for the Final exam, you should know your acts and the big ideas.

Note that the 2 presentations is an estimate. There are usually not enough questions in all the tutorials for repeat presentations, so make your one tutorial presentation count. As for the Midterm and Final Exam, do note that doing well sylllabus one does not mean doing well for syklabus other.

Tutorial presentation refers to the presentation of your answer to a particular question to the class. However, there are some interactive ones, which are more fun.


Lectures, unfortunately, are not webcast. Syllabus content is taught during tutorials and simple activities are carried out for students to better understand theories and facts.

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At this point, you may be considering the intelligent strategy of skipping lecture altogether. Most importantly, read the questions carefully. For problem sets, same as always, discuss with your friends and aim sylkabus score full marks on the assignments. This entire module is solely based on the textbook Discovering Psychology: Serene Tan, whose name I must say, certainly describes her voice. Hislop does actually design questions on the final exams based on what he talks about during lecture.

It comprises of basic principles on how to compare and maximize the utility of consumers for different types of goods i. The lectures for this module are clear and concise, courtesy of Dr. It syolabus concepts, so if you get a wrong answer, you know you were either careless or your understanding of the concepts are not clear. I have dozed off in her lectures more than once due to her monotonous speech.

Intermediate Development Economics – Stockholm University

Emily Beam is as cute as her ec233 suggests. However, other than this amazing sleep-inducing quality of hers, she is one of the clearest lecturers I have syllxbus encountered.

Distribution tables will be provided and only scientific calculators allowed for exams. The result was horrendous. These three points may be off-putting but not too much of a hassle for a diligent student if not for the unfortunate circumstance, in which you cannot trust anything Dr.


The number of presentations you need will ultimately depend on the competitiveness of your cohort. The E2c303 of Mind so it is easy to study for, but fairly heavy in terms of the effort required in swallowing said textbook.

Beyond merely history, it also explores the cultural and philosophical aspects of Japan.

One thing not mentioned in the workload is that as part of the module you are required to participate in psychology experiments aka research. Also, it seems most classes tend to be rather competitive, so you will definitely have to present multiple times to get ahead. This is especially since having ec233 open-book exam does not mean you know where in the book the information is when you need it.


Zhang, so no worries there. This is a core module for Economics majors. This is actually similar to the kind of models learnt in Junior College macroeconomics, except more complicated.