We are a highly skilled and energetic XMDF** Conversion team. Our offerings: – XMDF to Standard ePub or EBPAJ*** Conversion – Standard. Merge our old tools for splash2xdmf and pic2xdmf (usage see PIConGPU wiki) to a unified tool for openPMD files. A specific tool for the ED-PIC extension might. Do not it become it so that calibre may convert XMDF into mobi? First of all, though it is thought that mobi should correspond to columnar writing.

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For example, -v1 will convert the first vector dataset.

Sign in Already have an account? As per example 1, except conversion at time 3 hours -t3 instead of the maximums. Specifically, it uses collections cnvert vectors.

Run the utility in batch mode, this suppresses the prompt to press enter at the end of processing. Parameter query results are now retained after repainting.

Creates a new results file containing the outputs between 1. GIS flood integration will no longer use the peak results by default.


Holding down the shift key while moving the mouse in a time-series chart now snap the cursor to the data points. To explicitly specify a. The time-series and flux plot tools are no longer shown unless the active layer has time-varying data.

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DAT to DAT – Tuflow

Under the tile plot border graphics tab, can now move objects and edit text. Posted August 22, Otherwise I may have to get the file off you so we can run the utility in debug to determine what is happening. Hi Rob, Are you able to email support tuflow. Flood damages save the flood depth to GIS files to 3 decimal places instead of one decimal place.


Converts all datasets within a particular xmdf file. The output frequency and data types can now be specified independently for each data output format. Option to display highlighted active text next to cursor Separate basic symbology for each view Layer zoom display limits. If a third files is specified, the third file is used as the output file.

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Extents mapping can now be lines or regions. Converts the data at the specified timestep, for example -t2 to convert output time 2 hours. Suppresses the grid size from the output file name.


I am able to open this dataset without issue within SMS. The program is used to model, simulate, and predict convetr from hydrologic events. The -typeh specifies the h water level output to be converted. The download was supposed to contain a version of the utility but the.

XMDF to .ASC – Post-Processing – TUFLOW Forum

For longitudinal profile output. There are no longer separate standalone and network versions. Converts a dataset based on the path convret the. This can improve performance of animations of large results sets. Posted May 24, The output will contain arrows as polygons to display vector data eg. Converts all datasets and times in the.