Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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The value shown in Pr 5. Access to menu 0 only Access to all menus menu 0 to menu 22 The Access Level can be changed through the keypad even if the User Security has been set.

If the high speed mode is selected the output is always a voltage signal. The y axis of the reference frame is aligned with the regen unit terminal voltage vector. Page 33 If Pr 1.

Page Pr x. Background read The simulated encoder output incrementalAb, Ab. Page As already stated, the drive compensates for changes of switching frequency to give similar performance as the switching frequency changes.


Background so These parameters select the function of terminals T3 to T5 as follows: Page Revolution counter Position x.


Page 16 Trip Speed x. This parameter is not altered when defaults are loaded.

During this period the frequency reference is held constant Pr 2. The bits in this word reflect the state of Pr x. Page 87 This parameter defines the strategy used for current trimming in regen mode.

Application menu 2 Page – Menu Electronic Nameplate Therefore, either the speed controller gains defined in the performance object or those derived from the compliance angle, bandwidth and damping factor parameters are used. The absolute mode parameter Pr The digital inputs are set-up in positive logic only.

Unidrive SP Modular

Check braking resistor value is greater than or equal to the minimum resistance value Check braking resistor insulation OIdC. The contactor should be controlled by this parameter. Page Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read 6. Page SSI power supply bit monitor This will ensure that the drive remains tripped until the encoder is powered up and the action of resetting the trip will re-initialize the encoder interface.

Application Menu 2 Update rate This value can be used as a feed forward term that manjal added to the speed controller output if Pr 4.


Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

However, once a resistor reaches its maximum temperature conhrol load will be reduced, and be taken up by another resistor. Performance Objects Regen current limit 4. SSI power supply bit monitor This will ensure that the drive remains tripped until the encoder is powered up and the action of resetting the trip will re-initialize the encoder interface.

Page RFC mode structure display x. Page Marker output other slots Marker output x. Sm-slm Standalone mode S. When the drive is first powered up a UU trip is initiated if the supply voltage is below the restart voltage level and another trip is not active.

Page Update rate: Page Below base speed Pr 4.

SSI encoder are used the equivalent number of encoder lines per Page Lock position feedback Revolution counter Position x. The estimated temperature is displayed as a percentage of the trip level in this parameter.