Results 1 – 36 of 36 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of C3g Tube. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. Buy C3G vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Built specifically for the German post, these are special quality – 10, hour pentodes for use in AF and RF circuits. This really is the ULTIMATE preamp tube.

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Doing so on our planet, using good cables and finest tube equipment, they could overcome distances from one continent to the other. I purchased those tubes from a retired Telefunken employee, who traced down big lots of C3g and C3m to where they were originally sold to, and actually found some.

However, make sure, you don’t get fooled by auction website sellers, shipping you normal tubes with tue “S” printed on them.

It can have any problem at all. This limits the length of a telephone line, and simply amplifying c3v low signal c3f comes out, would not help since you can’t get rid of the noise. This will easily fool a fixed bias test, but it can never fool an auto bias test.

Speculating further, perhaps in the s and ‘s, each of these three companies did in fact manufacture the C3g. Dort berichtete Herr Alexander K.

Siemens C3g Vintage Tube & Tube Socket

Generally with C3m and C3g it can be said they have the gain of a pentode, and distortion same as only the finest triodes like E80CC. Other class quality otherwise equal: Now knock the tube on the table.

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But of course, I could be wrong Guaranteed Delivery see all. Well, a bit too much, perhaps safer running it below 4. You can take off the metal housing, and inside is a very nice glass tube! C3g-S New C3g New. So far, I was not able to find the factory specifications for this, but one day, I hope “coincidence” is going to help us out here.

So you started to speak very loud into the phone, but that didn’t help much, and I remember people in the offices would try to look important, by shouting into the phone with long distance calls. Because of the high manufacturing numbers, these were very good quality. Looking at the datasheet, we could get out 4. Yamamoto A09 amplifier with C3m Metal cap removed by Yamamoto. If these are marked “S-Version” it can not be true.

They must be like this, and nothing else. NOTE that in the ‘s when tubes were obsoleted, there was a lifetime-buy option by Siemens for the German post.

Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide

In short, a frame grid means the grid wire is not self supporting, but is wound around a cg3 metal frame. C3g Siemens Order Nr: So, the 13mA tube is considered to be “good” above 8mA. The sending person can not shout any louder as maximum, and suppose you go all at the other end of the market place, it will not help to amplify what you receive with amplifying equipment.

I found the Funke W19 tester very reliable in picking out used tubes with good lifetime in it. Then, after it will be condensed on the glass, the Barium getter is only conditional active. Apr 1, at 2: A gain of 78 It means you can drive a B with just one C3m, and you have less than 1V input sensitivity.


If you think now, ” It increases the maximum length of a cable if by putting in repeaters, by amplifying the signal before the signal-to-noise-ratio SNR gets really bad. I may want to try some other combinations such as 4P1L pentode in filament biasor why not some other drivers as 6e5pC3g and D3a. Oder ein Phantom wurde in die Welt gesetzt und die anderen haben nur abgeschrieben?


C3g, C3m, 3cg, what’s the difference? A partial solution you get from adding an auto transformer Pupin coils at certain distances, but there comes a moment where you need active amplification.

The tubes were tested one by one, by hand, and many settings had to be made, before all parameters could be tested. Take a C3g, which is reasonably good, but you sacrifice it for this experiment.

Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today. For this, you need to understand the difference between auto bias testing, and fixed bias testing. However, these tubes are always somewhere, and find the path to their end user. I have seen the original test tools for C3g and C3g-S selection myself, in Ulm. Believe me, once you feel these tubes get warm, you start tbue see them as tubes also.