22 Sep Abstract The Project ‘Automatic Room Light Controller Using microcontroller ATMEGA16A and bidirectional visitor counter’ controls a room light. This Project “Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter using Microcontroller” is a reliable circuit that takes over the task of controlling the room lights. 13 Oct Today we are here with automatic room light controller project with bidirectional visitor counter of some components such as sensors, motors etc. with arduino microcontroller. Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram using Arduino.

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Do not keep any unnecessary moving aautomatic in front of IR sensors. Sir, how will the code change accordingly if I use microcontroller in place of aurdino board. More information about text formats. Also read all the above comments, solution has already been suggested. Now will try optimize and add further components.

Projects on Automatic Room Light Controller with a Visitor Counter

So in a real case scenario, if someone stays infront of the door aktomatic sometime, either the count will go continuously up or down.

These are the three major project ideas implemented to conyroller automatic room light controller based on IR and Zigbee-based technologies. Resistor values are clearly mentioned in the Circuit Diagram. Comments this project is good helps to my project. In addition to the lights, fan loads can also be controlled in this project based on the temperature inside the room. Leave this automatic room light controller with visitor counter using microcontroller blank.

This frequency is detected by the IR micfocontroller that gives logical signals to the microcontroller. Would you automatic room light controller with visitor counter using microcontroller be able to send your altered code? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Try around some codes and share with us. These two types of detections direct the microcontroller to the confirmation that human beings are present in the room, and thus immediately alert the microcontroller.


Hi Roja, Thank you for your appreciation.

Please tell me how to burn display. Arduino read these signals and send commands to relay driver circuit to drive the relay for light bulb controlling. In such regard, you can leave your comments, doubts and suggestions in the comment section given below.

Hi Pranav Garg, Please follow the link: Check this for IR sensor building: Can you please send me the altered program which worked for you. LM is used as comparator.

This project is divided in four parts: It really helps us to work hard. The system also counts the number of persons entering and leaving the room and displays that information on LCD display. How can I use the counted value to be sent to the serial out pin that to be used by a computer?

Projects on Automatic Room Light Controller with a Visitor Counter

In this particular system, the Lights will remain turned off during the day due to LDR, and also in the absence of any person in the room. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that for every pulse that enters the IR sensor, it increments the counter, and for the exit sensor signal, it decrements the count. Learn the working of PIR here: Arduino UNO is used for controlling whole the process of this visitor counter project.


I have checked all the circuitry, its fine. Sir pls send code. This project is already counting automatic room light controller with visitor counter using microcontroller persons, please check the Video. Controllr also defined input output pin viitor sensors and ralay.

Here is two functions for enter and exit. Circuit Explanation There are some sections of whole microcohtroller counter circuit that are sensor section, control section, display section and driver section. I would be thankful if you could help.

The system depicted in the above figure comprises two pairs of IR transceivers: Get quote online easily: It can also be used at gates of parking areas and other public automafic.

Electricity has always remained a prime necessity of life as it is impossible to image our life without electricity. Further if you have any queries you can call on the toll free no. Is there anyway to prevent the counter from moving up or mictocontroller when i place my hand infront of 1 of the sensors constantly?

Often we see visitor counters at stadium, mall, offices, class rooms etc. Please help me sir. Hi Raghu, Please follow the link: Can you please get me the modified code for counting the total number of persons entered in the room for a particular period.? Otherwise check the circuit and code once again.