Buy Ausländer by Paul Dowswell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 28 Feb Summary: A well-researched and pacy WWII thriller about a Polish orphan taken in by a Nazi family because of his Aryan appearance. The Auslander [Paul Dowswell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Peter’s parents are killed, he is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw.

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And to make matter worse, Peter discovers that Professor Kaltenbach, head of the Institute of Racial Studies, is involved with experiments cowswell conducted on Jews.

Surely there are plenty of other points in dowswsll which could be explored and are valuable in spite of this one being so recent and for many so raw.

In “T4” we learn about the Nazi vendetta against the handicapped and the Roma. Once Peter decides that he doesn’t dowawell with the Nazi party, things come crumbling down pretty fast for him – and the Reiders. As the net of a brutal regime that brooks no resistance closes in around him Dowswell’s book quickly becomes a thriller and Peter and Anna are in a race against time.

Peter must decide his faith, To be a normal Nazi or something auwlander worse in the eyes of those around him. A sad point in history and yet great perspective on standing up when your own life could be at stake. Occasionally, the chapters switch perspectives between characters, but not very often. The evidence of his eyes and his friendship with the Reiters opens Peter’s eyes to the true nature of the Third Reich and the Nazis. After his parents die, he is sent to live with auslaneer awful, prominent German family.

This is a great disappointment to me as a children’s librarian. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Sep 08, Ginny rated it really liked it Shelves: The story is interesting because it provides an alternate perspective to the war from that which is usually ausladner that is from our perspective.

Herr Kaltenbach is the very persona of a loyal “one-hundred percenter” – a true Nazi, while Elsbeth Kaltenbach – his daughter, started out believing in the Nazi cause, but began to doubt some of the their ideals when she has a very personal encounter with their “cleansing of undesirables” from society. With Anna’s help, he decides to do something dowseell it.

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Surprising ending which helped the book’s story appeal. They hide in bomb shelters as the Allies bomb Berlin, killing thousands.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I did not love this book, but it was a auslandet read.

As Peter grows up in WWII-era Berlin, he encounters lots of side characters that tell him of the further horrors of the Nazi party – and how some people feel about it. After the Nazis invaded Poland, his parents died in an unfortuneate accident, and his dog is shot by the SS, Piotr is packed off to the Warsaw Orphanage.

LibrisNotes: Auslander by Paul Dowswell

And because he is a Volksdeutscher Peter’s story gives the reader pual unique perspective, that of an outsider looking in. Peter and Anna’s complicated friendship with Segar comes across as genuine as does Peter’s confrontation with his foster sister aualander has become an “empty shell” since her time as a T4 nurse, yet is still full of Nazi poison. But ultimately, it took a xuslander too long to actually get to the rebelling part for me, and then when it DID get to the rebelling part?

The theme of this story was one of morals and the difference between the easy yet bad way out and the hard yet good way through. The Kaltenbach’s Christmas tree is decorated with illuminated plastic swastikas – these were genuinely popular at the time. So he takes a risk-the most dangerous one he could possibly choose in Berlin. The plot of the book was good. Wonderful are all the descriptions of his changing feelings and confusion as to if he should join the resistance.

Man of la Book June 7, at He doesn’t want to, but he turns a blind eye and tells himself that he did all he could – which is something a lot of Germans did. Open Preview See a Problem? Dit boek is enorm meeslepend en op het eind heb ik niet geslapen ; EN: Thanks auslznder sharing the excellent review! And that loves an action packed, surprised full book that has something different on every page.


I thinks this book would attract more attention to guys, but I feel girls would enjoy it aswell. My teacher recommended I read this book for a teenage reviewing challenge, and I’m really glad she did because I really ended up enjoying this book. They decide that Peter is racially valuable. Peter is a well-rounded character, who although at dlwswell wanting to fit in with his new family and follow the pauk line, maintains his compassion and humanity throughout.

He sometimes lacks emotions when talking about his parents and his past. Auwlander would spy on their friends at school, and report them to their parents who would alert the police to any anti-Nazi activity even a bad joke about Hitler could get you arrested!

Possibly advanced KS2 readers with a particular interest in the war and history would benefit from it, but there are lots of references to racial execution including children. But he soon sees how totally the Nazi government controls not only the foreigners auslanders and Jews, but also the German people. The writing is choppy.

Thanks so much for sharing!

The Auslander is not a character-driven or even plot-driven book; it’s a fact-driven one. And there was me sitting there thinking ‘What?

Maar het is blijkbaar meer een avonturenroman voor adolescenten, waar op zich uiteraard niets fout mee is. I’m not a prude and enjoy using the word myself but it auslanfer the book inaccessible to younger grades for recommendation.

People will be envious. Most of them ended very sadly. Excellently written, compelling and as enlightening about the Nazi regime as Anne Frank. The author did a wonderful job portraying what life was like back in the Nazi occupation and this book even went to extremes that I hadn’t really heard about before, but, as explained in the author’s note, were completely accurate. I would say THE most amazing book I have read in a long time.