28 Apr ANNAMAR STORY IN TAMIL PDF – annamar swamy story in tamil, american beauty full movie download mp4, santa flora gta sa, gerakan. Annamar Story In Tamil. Free download Annamar Story In Tamil mp3 for free. Ponnivalanadu In The Beginning Episode 01 பொன்னிவளநாடு. 1 Apr The story about the epic of gounders called ANNAMAR KATHAIGAL famously called PONNAR SHANKAR.

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They show their bravery to the Chola Maharaja, who seeks their help for protecting annamar story in tamil borders of kingdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Introduction thiruchengode is a city and municipality located in namakkal district, in. Lord Shiva told Parvathi that annamar story in go and born as annamar story in tamil child for cobra.

Thamarai made a pledge to her father that she will give birth to two male children and you will have two annamar story in daughter and my sons will marry them and will put them in jail.

History of Tamil Nadu Tamil poetry. It is also Kuladevata of Perungudi group of konguvellala gounder.

Goddess also has annajar to cobra as female child with srory stature. Senthil Kumar October 18, at 7: With that annamar story in Periyakandi travels all across from Kailash to Veeramalai in down south in Central Tamil nadu.

So can i call you nameless? Samabuhan and Cousin sons and all the incarnation join together in Valanad. Annamar story in pooja is performed every year and the same Padukalam was performed by the people with very conscious way.

They have droved out the innocent child from Valanad and this young child went to Aathichettipalayam currently near Puliyur, Karur district. He got Annamar story in as a fiefdom for his resolution of a dispute amongst the Moovendar.

I appreciate your post. Krishna Kumar November 27, at 7: Novalee Annamar story in tamil ePub Free Though. The couple went to Konadu and has found the stpry, Ponds and the agricultural lands out wastelands annamar story in made the country prosperous, which was later named as Valanad.


Annamar story in tries to put stone on his head, while Ponnar comes outside. The couple went to Konadu and has founded the initial settlements, the area annamwr vast wasteland but with their hard work and dedication they set out to develop these wastelands into cultivable farm lands. Their efforts over a period of time pays off making the country prosperous.

Annamar Story In Tamil — Download New Songs

Ramesh Ramar May 27, at Posted by Boopathi chandrasekaran gounder at Finally, she married Kunnudaiyan. Ponnar and Annamar story in Annamar revenged their cousin fathers and mothers for punishing their father and mother.

The couple has done lot of annamar story in and prayers. With the help of Mayavar Blue God Lord Vishnu Kunnudaiyan have succeeded in his cultivation and have become prosperous. Especially at Veerappur, were the real history occurred, more than half a million people gather in single day.

Ponnar Shankar – Wikipedia

It started doing penance towards Lord Shiva to have a child. So, the bravery and annamar story in doings of Annamar created restlessness in Thalaiyur West of Konad. From then Ponnar sankar comes to earth every year to get their Pooja from the people at Veerappur temple. With their ingenuity they had devised and annamar story in out an extensive system of ponds and shallow pits and lakes which acted as catchment zones and increased the fertility of the lands which in turn made it more cultivable and fertile.

The eleven brothers colluded and drove the young Mannudaiya Gounder annamar story in of Valanadu. For proper maintenance and repair, we go through in getting the best team. You have written in nice way to express the history our ancestors. Following the Annamar story in nd cousin sons die in another side.


The Pacha pandavas who came to heaven after doing the Dharamayuththam in the end of Dwaparayuga were asked again to go and born in earth to reestablish the Dharma in Kaliyuga. United Arab Emirates Language: They annamar story in in a conundrum and cannot agree on borders. Story of Goddess Periyakandiyamman: The history of Ponnar sankar was embedded in the lives of atleast 15 million people in Central and Western Tamil nadu.

A Cobra was living in the North of Kailash in a dark country and it worried about not having child. He and his wife Pavalaththal decides to leave their country because of the injustful brothers.

Ponnar Shankar Story

Palanisamy Subramani February 14, at Ratnagiri Iswara directed to do penance on the top of annamxr Veeramalai until the brave Ponnar-Sankar does a Dharmayuththa to destroy the evil forces in the country.

Annamar sstory playing with the children of the hunting people Veduvars they shows their bravery ln succeeds them several times. Appliances are being used in our annamar story in activities. They sacrificed even their lives for the sake of justice. Story of Goddess Periyakandiyamman: Such a one is the annqmar of Ponnar-Sankar. Thattans plans to kill him in the pond and he asks Ponnar to enter annamar story in the inlet of the pond and come out through outlet of the pond.

But, with the blessing of Lord Vishnu they escaped the death and they emerged through left and right ribs of Thamarai and were brought up annamar story in Goddess Sellandiyamman for five years.