I have an anilam that quit working. Will the drive motors from the anilam work with a mach 3 system. And where does a person find a. Hello, Out Anilam m 2 axis system is giving us no video and the computer will not boot. Does anyone know how to repair the system?. Anilam is the company that makes the control. I run a Sharp knee mill with a Aniliam M control. I’m not familiar with the M or sure what.

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Turn off the VAC power and open the computer cabinet. Press the number 6 key M code.

Usually pin 1 is down but does not always have to be. If it does anulam test passed then reconnect the cable to the com 2 port and remove it from the Distribution board. Anilam Off line Software? If swapping the motor the problem moved to the other axis, then the problem is in the encoder which is built into the motor.

Keep checking all axis the same way until we know how many drive cards are working. You can also use it like xnilam manual mill by telling to feed to such and such a point or you can disengage the quill and tell the machine to rapid to a point and then do your drilling operations manually.

Did the axis repeat to zero each time? You can also swap the encoder usually from one axis to another. Using the down arrow Highlight More and press the Enter key.


If the drives did not come on correctly but the control detects the servos are on, and you command a move, this message will appear. We work together a lot. Looking at the distribution board these resistors would be located on the anilxm hand side of the board.

Go back over to the computer and check what style motion board you have! Results 1 to 13 of On the CPU board on the connector there is a pin labeled 1. Reboot the control and check again repeating step B. The following are some reasons that the system would display this warning message. All 110m should 1100, the same characteristics in the motor and motor cable wiring. Using the up and down arrow keys select Setup Utility and press the Enter key.

Anilam M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis pdf – CNC Manual

We drove miles to see it and they could not even power anything up. Highlight Copy and press the Enter key. Energize the servo drive and anilsm the Start Button.

If you do not have any voltage please unplug the F1 fuse located on the PC board and recheck. Chapter 3 Loosing Zero 1. Go to the setup utility screen.

Anilam 1100M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis

You really do have backlash in the system and need to fix the mechanical problem. Push in the Emergency Stop button. If there are any questions about location of this cable refer back to Anllam 1 for the print of the distribution board.

The power supply cable plugs onto anulam distribution board P1 connector. Remove the motion control board only after you touch the cabinet to discharge any static electricity which may have built up on your body. Thanks for the quick response. Did the problem stay in the original axis? Take the notebook to work and use it to refer back to. Hi JT; It is conversational but it says it can be toggled over to g-code.


No counting on all axis. It gets easier as you go Press the F8 key 3 times in a row. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

Backing Up The Configuration File.

Series trouble shooting guide

There are 3 different styles of motion boards in the field. On this power supply there is a little screw adjustment.

Press the F9 key utility. Turn on the main disconnect switch. Remove all of the cables from the distribution board except for the P1 Plug.

There should be VAC across those to points. Anilam also needs to know what options if any are also loaded on the machine! Finally the computer responded and only a soft reset occurred which causes both the computer and the distribution board to get back in sync.