ALESIS. A6 Andromeda (A6). Service Manual. P/N: C. The information in this document contains privileged and confidential information. It is intended. To update the operating system software of your Alesis A6 Andromeda, please follow these instructions. Updating the OS is a very simple and. View and Download Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 reference manual online. Voice Real Analog Synthesizer. ANDROMEDA A6 Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Oscillators and Filters 7.

Mix-Specific Functions Mix mode, because of its nature in simply organizing existing Programs into splits, layers and other Voice arrangements, has far fewer controls than those for constructing the Programs themselves. Page 98 Chapter 4: The Andromeda A6 starts out with 16 of the most elaborate synthesizer voices to date, and these voices sound absolutely wonderful.

Do not spray any manyal cleaner onto the faceplate, as this may damage the front panel controls or cause a dangerous condition.

But note that you can assign each one to a different destination – you are not confined to using them for strictly pitch bend and vibrato. Programming the Alesis Andromeda can be as simple as adjusting a filter setting, or highly complex.

Full text of “Alesis Andromeda-6 Owner’s Manual”

This will overwrite the old alrsis of the Program or Mix that is currently in this User or Card memory location. Playing the A6 Layout Each of the sequencer’s 16 “steps” or “events” consists of four components or Levels: Use alessis with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio or music equipment.


Many of our examples will involve frequencies in the thousands of cycles per second, referred to as “kilo-Hertz” and abbreviated “kHz”. A Implementation Chart supported by the A6.


What happens when we use three? But if something still sounds out of tune on several different Programs after performing a complete Auto Tune, the Auto Tune display may be able to show you what’s wrong so you can temporarily overcome the problem by turning off a Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 29 Chapter 2: You can access only one of these modes at a time, but switching among the three is as easy as pressing a button.

If voice stealing is turned off, no new notes will abdromeda after the polyphony has been exceeded.

These may not be available if the card is less than k in size. You will know that the knob is at when the associated LED lights.

A 6 ANDROMEDA Alesis SERVICE MANUAL | SynthXL – Service & Repair Manual

Please note that, unlike most of the other HOD pages, E is andromed only Portamento parameter that can be modulated. This means that the sequence can play notes above and below the root note of andromed sequence. But if you want to start from scratch or edit an existing Mix, here are the steps: Page 60 Chapter 2: The trigger occurs when the LEUEL is reached but the source can be either increasing or decreasing in amplitude.


The Control Routes Section Chapter 9: Any of the A6’s 71 modulation sources. These are soft controls – controls that change function depending on the current screen.

Ajdromeda Started Selecting Programs You don’t have to know what all the knobs do to enjoy the A6; it comes pre- programmed with hundreds of sounds. A Little Theory Waveforms All audible sound consists of waveforms or waveshapes.

Alesis Andromeda

Selecting Programs And Mixes Chapter 2: Notice that Mix controls are conspicuously absent from the A6’s front panel – you access these functions from the display.

Lock Function Chapter 2: Reproduction alrsis whole or in part is prohibited.

By contrast, a gate not only performs a “go” instruction but also carries with it a duration characteristic. Page 50 Chapter 2: Let’s take a few moments to cover these two elements.