Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape [Susan Brownmiller] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most comrpehensive study of rape. Looking back on the 40th anniversary of Susan Brownmiller’s groundbreaking book ‘Against Our Will’. Praise. “A major work of history, a classic No one who reads it will come away untouched.”—The Village Voice “The most comprehensive study of rape ever.

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After four years of research, she published her groundbreaking book Against Our Will: Yes, that was the euphemism: But she was leading a different kind of life.

Against Our Will – Wikipedia

Her emphasis on rape as a tactic in war and other forms of political conflict framed sexual violence as a collective social problem as well as a deliberate, calculated act meant to humiliate and degrade the victim. Read it Forward Read it first.

The early 70s was a great time for us. Do I know anyone? Men, Women, and Rape Women’s Studies. Archived from the original on October 14, Other editions – View all Against Our Will: We need it, it is a hideous revelation and it should be required reading.


Part of what made Against Our Will so radical was its attention to date rape and spousal rape. In her luxuriantly carpeted penthouse flat high at the top of a tower in Greenwich Village, New York, she was left alone to watch as MeToo rolled like a huge boulder through the national conversation. Contact us at editors time. How to cite this page Jewish Women’s Archive.

It goes on all the time, one way or another. Discover Education Programs Join our growing community of educators.

Against Our Will

The men involved were eventually given suspended sentences. Against Our Will ny a monumental work and a thoroughly chilling eye opener. Retrieved 4 February Brilliantly and convincingly argued.

She lives in New York City. Inshe and her friend Jan Goodman four years previously, they had gone to Mississippi together to join the civil rights movement as summer volunteerswent to a decrepit office building on Broadway and East Eleventh Street, where they then took the elevator to Room Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Rape had been cloaked in stigma and silence for much of American history. Retrieved October 16, Was she surprised, as she embarked on this project, that no one had attempted such a thing before? Random House, Vintage Books.


The Book That Changed the Way We Talk About Rape | Time

There was nothing comforting in an historical analysis that indicted society for protecting rapists and contributing to the further humiliation of rape victims. It forces readers to take a fresh look at their suswn attitudes toward this devastating crime.

See all books by Susan Brownmiller.

After everyone had read this story, Crothers announced that rape was an important feminist issue and that it should be explored by the group. And there are other things going on, too. Men, Women, and Rapepublished zusan forty years ago. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat It was hard to take in.

More information about text formats. Contents In the Beginning Was the Law. I would move on. For months at a time, she was hunkered down in the New York Public Library, her typewriter safely installed in a room reserved for writers who smoked.