Adductor tendinopathy symptoms include groin pain and stiffness at the beginning of an activity or in the morning, Dr Peters provides this treatment in Claremont. Adductor tendinopathy describes a number of conditions that develop in and around the tendon in response to chronic overuse [1] At a histopathological level . Adductor Tendinopathy. It is estimated that between 10 and 18% of all injuries worldwide among male soccer players yearly involve groin pain (Engebretsen et .

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Classification of tendon and muscle injuries 32 Symptoms and pain response will have to be the guide and cross training is advised to maintain fitness and function. The abnormal tendon is compatible with degeneration and micro tears, as they generally coexist. The surrounding muscles will also demonstrate edema with thickening of the tendinous insertion of the adductor muscle.

Adductor tendinopathy

Am J Sports Med. Update and implications for clinical management. Conclusion Groin pain in athletes may be acute or chronic in nature, may stem from a single traumatic event or repeated microtrauma and may arise from a variety of structures including muscle, tendon, ligament or joint.

The condition is resolvable with the correct treatment and exercise management. Patho-physiology of Chronic Groin Pain in the Athlete.

Patients will report pain with activities that actively use the adductors, ie. The adductor muscles also comprise the adductor brevis, the adductor magnus and the gracilis. This case report demonstrates the importance of MR imaging in the accurate diagnosis of a patient with chronic groin pain. A 21 year old male previously competitive hockey player with persistent groin pain was referred for an MRI at our hospital.


Proximal tehdinopathy longus tendon tear in high level athletes. Just enter your details below and we’ll ring you to provide a quote or answer your questions. Harriet’s shoulder stabilisation surgery.

Groin pain injuries Exercise programme, phase 2 weeks Perform five sets of 10 reps of each of these exercises. Physiopedia articles are best used to find the original sources of information see the references list at the bottom of the article.

Adductor Tendinopathy – Physiopedia

Rehabilitation measures, particularly in acute phases, consists of postural balance techniques through global and site specific stretching, the use of mechanical and proprioceptive orthotic insoles and, if necessary, global postural reeducation RPG 41 Fig. Adductor tendinopathy is commonly caused by a tendon being forcibly stretched while it is being flexed, such as during a football tackle, or during side-to-side motion. Stand near a table with a resistance band around the ankle of the affected leg.

Specific tests show the shortening of the anterior chain test of Thomasthe posterior chain ischium-crural and sacrum iliac joint test of Patrick and test of Gaenslen.

Tendinpathy the sub-acute hendinopathy, muscular strength is targeted by overload training in the gym or aquatherapy; core stability exercises seem to be useful in this phase. The cases of groin pain in athletes that actually involve adductor muscle pathology can present in various forms. The adductor muscles extend from the lower pelvic bone, attaching to the lower femur area around the knee and sit in between the flexor and extensor muscles of the thigh.


Adductor tendinosis in a professional hockey player.

MR imaging of sports-related groin pain. There is also a feathery pattern of edema that runs from the myotendinous junction along the muscle fascicles. For effective treatment identifying the stage of the tendinopathy is crucial. The bright signal within the tendon adductro more on the left side than the right B. Insertional tendinopathy of the adductors and rectus abdominis is a frequent cause of groin pain in athletes 4.

Hip pain — a focus on the sporting population. In the early stages, physical therapy involves isometric afductor of the abdominal muscles external and internal abdominal oblique muscles and the inferior third of rectus abdominal muscles and adductor muscles in the gym or in a therapeutic swimming-pool.

Sports involving rapid acceleration or deceleration Sports involving twisting and turning on the hips Sports involving kicking Lifting the leg when transferring out of the car or out of bed in severe cases. The Wasserman test should be done with the patient lying prone. Pain is not thought to be driven from inflammatory drivers but from collagen dysrepair processes. They are both macroscopic thickening and hypertrophy of adnexae and microscopic formation of cystic micro qdductor containing degenerated and adductorr areas.

Groin strain and other possible causes of groin pain.