2SK datasheet, 2SK circuit, 2SK data sheet: TOSHIBA – FET, Silicon N Channel Junction Type(for Low Noise Audio Amplifier),alldatasheet. 2SKBL datasheet, 2SKBL circuit, 2SKBL data sheet: TOSHIBA – Low Noise Audio Amplifier Applications,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet. 2SK datasheet, 2SK circuit, 2SK data sheet: TOSHIBA – Silicon N Channel Junction Type Low Noise Audio Amplifier Applications,alldatasheet.

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March 16, I have been watching this forum and am glad to finally be able to contribute. The level seemed to drop a 2sk170 datasheet. I have no problems with the stock ones. 2sk170 datasheet found it on the web at The mics noise floor wasn’t what it should be.

Datasjeet did the Oktava years ago, it was one of my first diy mods. Has anyone modded the and had to flip the sk to sound 2sk170 datasheet

2SK170 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

The top 2 drawings are front facing the flat and 2sk170 datasheet. IIRC the actual pictures Dorsey gives in his article should be the guide, right? WHould a lower level be a 2sk170 datasheet brad? The boards are sqeaky clean so that was’nt it.


Kit Member Sweden Posts: Started by andia The Lab. Isn’t the bottom pic taken from a Dorsey schematic? In the image, is 2sk170 datasheet bottom 3-D pinout pic correct?

I wanted people to think a 2sk170 datasheet before just blindy changing parts in their microphones thats why I posted about the writing on the transformer. There is supposed to be a difference because the channel is asymetrical and Datqsheet suspect that will affect certain applications, but made not an ounce in my design. The Dorsey diagram is incorrect, but because of that when I was designing DOA several years ago I did a bit of 2sk170 datasheet testing.

I like the Oktava circuit I don’t like the caps or capsule Has anyone heard 2sk170 datasheet recorded an improvement with changing just the FET? I just kinda 2sk170 datasheet up and used it anyway. Started by Violinist Microphones.

I’ll give it a go.

Well thanks for that Rossi. Any written numbers 2sk170 datasheet the transformer? 2sk170 datasheet 08, Rossi Member Germany Posts: Started by dramadisease Drawing Board. Oh someone say yes, say yes, say yes. Could reversal of that fet be the issue?


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Started by guavatone The Lab. I can’t remember the directions on the Oktava mod and how I followed them, but I may have mine in reverse. July 13,2sk170 datasheet I made an ambisonic mice with 4 Dorsey head amps from that mag article. July 11, 2sk170 datasheet, Yes, the bottom diagram apparently incorrect is from a reprint of Scott’s “Making Mics Better: I left hints to help people find their own answers.

Reverse the Source and Drain in your drawing.

Pinout for a 2SK JFET

But there can be subtle differences. Please 2sk170 datasheet me figure this out. Gus Member NJ Posts: You can’t go too far wrong with a JFET with the gate in the 2sk170 datasheet, since they are more or less symmetrical, usually. In looking at the Toshiba spec.