Acura TL Service Manual, Part Number 61SEP04 [Inc. American Honda Motor Co.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. View and Download Acura TL owner’s manual online. This vehicle is equipped with service-related devices that record information about powertrain. convenience items. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so Your selection of a Acura TL was a wise investment. It will give you years of .

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Our Acura service department provides outstanding and efficient service and maintenance. And while age may be one indicator of when a child can safely ride in front, there are other important factors you should serice.

Seat Belts In addition, most states and all Canadian provinces require you to wear seat belts. Additional Safety Precautions If it is necessary to remove or modify a front seat 208 accommodate a person with disabilities, first contact Acura Client Services at After the beep, say the name you would like to delete.

Replace engine oil, oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, check parking brake adjustment, expiry date for tire repair kit, tie rod ends, steering gearbox, suspension components, driveshaft boots, brake hoses, fluid levels, exhaust system, fuel lines and any other maintenance items specific to your Acura.

HFL does not allow you to pair your phone if the vehicle is moving. Read the warranty booklet.


Wipe the hub carefully; it may be hot from driving. Page Signal strength is five bars, and the phone is roaming. The selectable languages are English French and Spanish. Use only an Acura-approved key blank. This manual is published by. Your dealer has to register the vehicle identification before you can receive messages. This button turns the air conditioning on and t.

3G TL service manual Acura TL sharing with all – AcuraZine – Acura Enthusiast Community

Always keep the glove box closed while driving. With Latch Make sure there are no objects near the anchors that could prevent a secure connection between the child seat and the anchors.

You can then use the message options to call your dealer for an appointment or to find the nearest dealer. Protecting Ssrvice Discs Never try to insert foreign objects in the disc changer.

Page Cleaning the wheels with harsh chemicals including some commercial wheel cleaners or a stiff brush can damage the clear-coat. Page Checking Fluid Level Manual. Security System It also alarms if the audio unit is removed from the dashboard or the wiring is cut. To turn on this feature, press the button on the bottom of the mirror. Manual Transmission Fluid The transmission should be drained and refilled with new fluid when this service is shown on a maintenance message in tll multi-information display.

Make sure your passengers are away from the windows before closing them. Page Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and adjusted for best afura. Page 18 it has four positions.


We learn the best ways to do a job and that This indicator comes on with the high beam headlights. Page Acura dealer using the navigation system. Apparently this is why people don’t use Dropbox.

Acura 2008 TL Owner’s Manual

Replacement wheels are available at your Acura dealer. It may also be combined with data from other sources for research purposes, but it remains confidential. Door Locks The remaining doors unlock when you turn the key a second time within a few seconds.

Coat the terminals with grease to help prevent further corrosion.

Originally Posted by eaf. After pressing the Talk button, wait for the beep, then give manuap voice command. If you must place a forward- facing child seat in front, move the vehicle seat as far back as possible, and properly restrain the child.

Do not tow at an angle. Thanks thoiboi been looking for a manual for the longest! Battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds.