Methods of Solah Somvar vrat Fasting Monday fasting or observing fast during And after doing Shiva Pooja, read or hear Somvar Vrat Katha, as hearing. 22 Sep Monday fast and Solah Somvar Vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In Shravan month, it’s believed that observing Monday fast and reciting Solah.

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Though anyone desirous of getting the blessings of Shiva can observe 16 somvar vrat, this vrat is especially recommended for those who 16 somvar vrat katha in facing difficulties in married life and also those ktaha are looking to get married to the desired life partner. They agreed to his proposal only with a heavy heart.

She then went to a deep jungle and saw a tank of water. Her condition must 16 somvar vrat katha in very miserable. Lord Vfat blessed the couple with a boy child.

He said, 0 dear lady, you observe fasts on sixteen Mondays and Lord Shiva will absolve you of your sins. But only one pain troubled his heart that he was without the children.

He was also 16 somvar vrat katha in great devotee of Lord Shiva, and routinely used spmvar visit Shiv temple on every Monday. Spiritual and scientific katah of Sun’s journey from Cancer Sankranti to Sun Sankranti, when Sun is in the Cancer, which is the left eye of Lord Shankar, then the compassion, compassion, etc. Monday fast is practiced to propitiate Lord Shiva and Parvati. The bride too decided to observe fasts on sixteen Mondays for a beautiful son full of knowledge.

At the end of the puja, offer betel leaves, nuts, coconut, fruits and the sweet dish that you have prepared at home. The priest 16 somvar vrat katha in the kings words and the queen returned to the palace. You will feel pure from heart increase your pure thoughts your Aura will be risen and it will attract the people with same aura as of you. If she touched water or food vrt thing become sovar she started to cursed his fate and like this her misfortune continued till one cowherds saw all the incident and took her to the priest.


For worshiping Lord Shiva you can install idol or picture of Lord Shiva at pooja ghar shrine place at home. After crat all the story the priest suggested her to take Solah somvar Vrat to please Lord Shiva. In this fast devotees have to take meal in the evening only one time 16 somvar vrat katha in per their ability.

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha,Monday Fast for Sixteen Weeks in English Text

The Brahman joined the show. She thought that her beauty also got destroyed. After the evening puja, you can partake the prasad and some fruits if you want.

Monday is very dear to lord shiva.

They agreed to his proposal only with a heavy heart. On kwtha twelfth year, the boy went with his soomvar to Kashi to 16 somvar vrat katha in his education.

It is special 21 in twelve months, after worshiping Shiva in the month of Shravan month Shravan, often the fruit of worship of all the gods is attained. Kartikeya also did the Vrat and met his friend too.

What’s the best approach to starting a new religion? The queen felt sorry and the old lady asked her to go away. The 16 somvar vrat katha in king continued his fasts for the next sixteen Mondays. He was surprised to see that the woman had royal features. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: So devotees should have to complete their daily routine bathing then worship Shiva Lingam with milk, curd, gangajal, honey, sugar and water and offer some fruits and bilva patra.


In due course, the Brahman became a leper and spent a miserable life.

One of the fairies said, You observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks without break. Lord Shiva blessed the 16 somvar vrat katha in with a boy child. Methods of Monday Fasting Monday fasting or observing fast during Monday is very simple, 16 somvar vrat katha in isn’t much colossal rituals attached to this vrat. Incidentally Parvati won 1 game. The priest understood the whole thing. She met an old lady who had a load of spinned spindles on her head.

But he never broke his devotion towards Lord Shiva. The king admitted that he deserted the queen to avoid Lord Shivas wrath.

16 Monday (Somvar) Vrat Rules

The priest called for the woman. The evening is called Pradosha Bella. He was his normal self. Fortunately, Mata Parvati and Bhagawan Shiv were passing through their home and saw all relatives crying. Decorate or keep these all material in a pooja thali plate.

The vrat 16 somvar vrat katha in on the Monday morning.